Friday, September 5, 2014


Sun. 03/02/2014.

I worry whenever I see Sasha Pivovarova Sauntering down a Runway. She is a Harbinger of things that are not good. My fears were not unfounded. She's less Troublesome than Gisele Bundchen (Alexander Wang... Talking RIGHT AT YOU!) But you know if a Designer is Booking her... they are doing it for her Star Power (....) and that the clothes are Weak. And Claire Waight Keller's Chloe Fall 2014 collection, Was Weak. 

Some lovely Ideas, Some Beautiful Coats and Furs... Some Nice Sweaters and a few Dresses of note... But on the whole. A Bore. It lacked the Immediacy of Spring, where the clothes were meant to Seduce and Tantalize, Men AND Women alike. Spring had the Zest and Esprit of a Brazen Young Nymphette, here... Clunkiness and just uninspiring combinations that didn't impress as being anything more than pulled together from off a rack, It lacked the element that these clothes were Fully Imagined as Outfits from head to toe and more redolent of Keller and her Team making Pieces and then STYLING Them together. That may have lent spontaneity to Rifat Ozbek's work back in the day, Here, It reeked of the Banal! 

Let's not assume there weren't some Smashing PIECES Here, A Perfect Purple wrap coat with Creme Leather Pants, A Putty Knit ensemble on Sigrid Agren that will make Hearts Flutter AND Melt, A White dress with Sheer Hoop Insets at Exit No. 24... All Lovely. But, Lovely,just wasn't enough to elevate this collection beyond the Tepid! 

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