Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saint Laurent.

Mon. 03/03/2014.

As much as I would ADORE and LOVE to Hate and Loathe what Hedi Slimane is doing at YSL (Now Renamed Just, Saint Laurent) I simply can't! I find his Deconstruction of every single Sacred Cow of the YSL Heritage, Refreshing, Daring, A Brilliant Fuck You to the Storied and sometimes Sacrosanct Histoire of the Great "Master" of Fashion. If the clothes were not actually So Damn Good, it'd be even easier, but whatever the consensus on that may be, The Clothes are actually REALLY GOOD!

Slimane has taken All manner of YSL-isms and Perverted and Recontextualized them... The Saharienne is now a Gold Leather Shirt dress on Hanae Gaby... The Fur Chubby is in Polka Dotted Mink... The Point D'Esprit dots are now Giant Matte Polka Spots on a Short swingy dress... Lexi Boling looking Kick ASS in nothing but the Jacket of "Le Smoking" a Sequin Vest and Leather Bow Tie... It's Mystifying how Slimane continues to turn the YSL Codes on their ear in an almost Lagerfeldian Type of way, yet everything, even though it is Micro Short and Shot through with a Clearly L.A. Rock Chick Chic, retains that Absolutely Essential YSL Mentality! It's downright Alchemic! 

This, against all my better judgements, Made me Crack up with Wicked Glee at how Precisely Wonderful it all was. Slimane is Pretty much a Goddamn Genius! I wanted to resist his Siren Call, but he is continuing to prove, with each new Calibration, Just how Spectacularly suited he is to reinventing this house. Now all he needs to do is reinstate the Couture like he said he wanted to do in a few years when he started... and truly remake YSL in his own Visage! I can only Imagine how he'll rip up the Fusty wallpaper of that Hallowed Hall! 

That's All.


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