Sunday, August 31, 2014

Anthony Vaccarello.

Tues. 02/25/2014.

There is a Very, VERY Fine line in High Fashion, One that is Barely Perceptible, but once it's been tipped over into, it's as Noticeable as a Lighthouse Beacon. The Line between Sexy and Slutty. Steamy Vs. Trampy. Anthony Vaccarello seems to Manoeuver that line with the skill of a Jungle Cat. The only sad thing is, He presents on Models. It's nigh Near Impossible to make a Nearly 6 Foot Young girl with No Breasts and Legs longer than Route 66 Look Trampy in ANYTHING! It's just not Happening. But... you put that same dress on some Celeb of the Moment famous for nothing more than being famous... and you have Harlot City. This applies to ALL of the Kardashians! So, it's great to Make these Vampy Clothes, but you also have to realize that even with the best of intentions and scrupulous monitoring, Some gal that isn't Tall, Isn't Leggy and SURE AS SHIT isn't Young, will decide to try and pour her oversized Contents into one of Vaccarello's Slithery offerings and think she's all of a Sudden Anja Rubik. No, Honey, You're Not!

So, to boil it down, Wonderfully Sexy they may be, Vaccarello's Clothes don't look Right unless you're a woman of Model Proportion. It's the Double-Edged Sword of his work and it's what makes it so Scintillating. Fall 2014 saw Vaccarello perhaps, thinking more about the Women of the Real World than the Blissful World of The Genetic Jackpots that are Models. He offered Coats and Turtlenecks and Generous cut Pants... Is this Still Anthony Vaccarello? 

Well, then you also see hems so high that Indecent feels like it's about to enter the room and Slits ALL THE WAY up to there and you are reminded that you are back in Vaccarello's World of The Sexbomb! Admittedly, there was much here in the way of Sophistication, The Outerwear was Stellar and will suit any physique Fantastically come this Fall, and though it's a tired trick, the Constructivist feeling of Black and Red and White didn't come off as Cheap or Hackneyed. It wasn't the most Highbrow discussion, But it worked without becoming something altogether Overwrought.
The Lacquer Red worked more as a Sexy Intensifier to all the Black that was shown, It was that Extra on top of the already Scandalous clothes that made them Signature Vaccarello. In saying that, This proved to be a more Digestible dish from Vaccarello that we have seen perhaps in his entire career. He is now one of the Spotlights of Paris Fashion and his clothes, Right or Wrong, are seen on the bodies of many Celebrities. They may not serve his clothes the best, but they are damn sure making his Business Burgeon! Small price to pay in the end, One might say!

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