Friday, August 15, 2014

Calvin Klein Collection.

Thurs. 02/13/2014.

It is Frankly Disturbing how one minute Francisco Costa can Produce something so Urgently Right as the Opening Exit of his Fall 2014 Calvin Klein Collection show and then, by Exit No. 9 start to lose grip of the reigns and to no lesser degree, His Senses, and finally, by Exit No. 15, simply abandoned all hope of Taste and Style. All in the Span of 15 Outfits. This is not just a One-Off, No, this is a Pattern. A Habitual consistency towards the Idiotic and the Hideous! 

Costa proclaimed that 85% (give or take) was Knits. That was an interesting tidbit to know looking at the collection, It all did look as Nubbly and Fuzzy and Cozy as all the Mohair would infer, and some of the Tailoring achieved with all that Knitwear was Quite the Feather in one's Cap! One of those Marvels was Exit No. 11 which was a dress that looked as if it had been Knitted like a Sock and with it's Full skirt that looked like it was either ribbed or pleated. It was Quite a Feat! And, it looked Damn good, as well. It was this quixotic appeal of the materials looking Humble, Homely even, but being Luxuriant experiments and when inspected closer up, were far from Humble. One dress at Exit No. 18 looked as if it have been cobbled together from old Dish Rags, but was entirely Elegant!

As the collection moved towards it's final peroration, Costa got emboldened to play with colour, to Sickly ends. Queasy, Baby Vomit colours were stacked together in some outfits from Exit No. 21 onward that bordered on Vile. These clothes DID look Homely, Hobo would be another Apt Association! The Final four Exits were Mysteries to me, What was Costa saying with these Pieces? They had ZERO Feminine appeal or Sexiness, Subtle or Overt, to them. They were Frumpy and Sexless. No woman wants to look like This for Evening. Not even the ones in Costa's Head! 

That's All.


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