Friday, August 8, 2014

Zac Posen.

Mon. 02/10/2014.

FLAWLESS! What more can be said. Utterly, Flawless! Zac Posen's Fall 2014 collection was one of those Rare occurrences that Move you to your Very Center! Galliano's Debut at Dior, McQueen's "13" Show, Lagerfeld's romp in the Forest Chanel Couture Show, Mizrahi's "Unzipped" Collection, Jacob's Vuitton Train Show... Shows that make your Breath catch in your Chest and you find yourself in a state of Awe and Suspended disbelief that one could be witnessing such Brilliance! 

Posen Presented a show of such Intense Focus and Attention that not one piece could have possibly been sacrificed or added to it without marring it! Each Piece seemed so Finely Considered and Meticulously Judged as how it Correlated to the other pieces that it was like it was a Fashion Jigsaw puzzle. That Meticulousness was embedded in the DNA of the clothes and for once, In a very long time, Showed Just how Scrupulous and Refined and Legion Posen's Skills are, not only at dressmaking, but also in Scalpel Sharp Tailoring! 

It would seem quite obvious that there was a Inspiration of Charles James in this collection, There has always been references to him in Posen's work and owing that he was one of the Chairs of the Vogue/Met Gala this season which was an exhibition on the works of James, It was nothing less than Natural that Posen would take this inspiration and run with it. But looking on this collection one could see other referential impulses of the likes of Balenciaga and Dior. The Noble, almost Regal Volumes of Cristobal and the Wasp Waists and The Opulent Grandiosity of Christian! It was a Heady Mix and one that pushed this collection into an Untouchable Stratosphere! 

From The SUBLIME Perfection of the Opening Tweed suit on Cora Emmanuel or the Equal Brilliance (if not, MORE SO) of the Tweed Double-Breasted suit at Exit No. 3 in Salt-And-Pepper which had an almost Lagerfeld/Chanel Haute Couture Hand to it. I Kid Not! It was That Special! Special was also a word to apply to the Balenciaga Regalness of a short Black coat with Swingy volume in the back at Exit No. 5 that was going to be playing on Repeat in many a Woman's Mind! 

The Glory did not stop there, in fact in a slow burn kind of way, it was Ramping Up, Piece by Piece to the Orgasmically Exquisite gowns in the final half. Anna Cleveland was Given Queenly Hauteur in a Cape Back Stunner at Exit No. 13 That was SO DAMN FINE it could have actually Been the Finale Gown, Again, it was THAT MASTERFUL! Then there was Cora Emmanuel's Gigantic Dusk Blue Gown that swept in on the most rarefied breeze at Exit No. 16. It caused a Physical Pang because of it's Throbbing Beauty! Coco Rocha's Bitter Chocolate Moire and Taffeta Number at Exit No. 20 also was a Heartstopper! And yet again, it was a Cape Back Confection that Broke one's heart, This one on Ming Xi at Exit No. 24 in Bronze Faille, was So Breathlessly Astounding that One could and Nearly did Cry from it's Gloriousness! 

Applause are not nearly capable enough to Festoon Posen with for such a Gift to the World. He needs to be Accoladed Loudly and Brazenly for daring to dream this dream! It was Unquantifiable with words, And since one cannot adequately Equate Emotions into words, One will have to say that the emotions this collection stirred, Will Last Me a Lifetime. There was something that was Akin to Alchemy here, Something that will live on and be forever Beautiful. If Fashion Could Ever hope to Aspire to be Art, Then this collection was Like Pinocchio! As he Transformed from Humble Wood into Human Boy, This Collection Metamorphosed from Fashion, Into one of the Greatest Achievements of Art! 

That's All.


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