Friday, August 29, 2014

Philipp Plein.

Sat. 02/23/2014.

Rita Ora Notwithstanding, Philipp Plein is quite the showman, As most designers have been Bitten by the Lagerfeld/Jacobs/Caten Brothers bug as of late and are producing more Elaborate shows has become De Rigeur. Some can do it, Many fail in the trying. Philipp Plein is proving he might have what it takes. His Glorious Metal flavored Rock Ode to all things Wild, Wild Western was appropriately Big-Budget. With Ora singing (Lip-Synching) to Open and a car Erupting into Flames at the end... Spectacle was Achieved. 

The Good thing is, The clothes were there to back up this Phantasmagoria. Naomi Campbell opened the show and that's always a sign that someone has gotten the High Fashion Priestess Seal of Approval. With her Fur trimmed and Gold Studded coat over Leather Leggings she looked Fierce and the clothes befitted that, Plein played all the typical Western Cards but made a Rubber Burning, Tire Screeching U-Turn when Plaid came to the Table to participate in the festivities. It was an Intriguing Choice, if not an altogether odd one, but one that fit, Though, Somewhat uncomfortably in it's Incongruence! It did produce a Knockout of a Crazy Ass Balmoral Ballgown at Exit No. 25!

Plein's collection was Bewilderingly Opulent and Overdone. In a Fantastic Way! The one lesson that could be learned was that Plein could do with Pulling back things a little and not having to Embellish and Stud and Decorate every possible surface available! Some of his best pieces were the less Exorbitant ones, A Long Duster over a Sheer Turtleneck and Leather leggings all in Black with just a gentle Studding on the border of the Duster at Exit No. 32 was as ready for an Urban Galavant as anything seen this season!

Plein seems to be honing a Style that is a Synthesis of Versace, Cavalli, Rousteing, Decarnin, Dundas and Donatella all rolled into One Handsome Package! Unlike Equally Handsome Fausto Puglisi who is simply Regurgitating ideas, Plein is actually Recontextualizing those ideas through his Own Lens. And in doing that, he is creating a Path for himself among those other names and it is looking More Original rather than Plagiarist. Plein seems on the Fast Track to Superstardom, All that's required is Putting Pedal to the Metal! 

That's All.


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