Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cedric Charlier.

Tues. 02/25/2014.

Moody.  That was the Watchword for Fall 2014 at Cedric Charlier. Maybe it was the Snake Influence. That could have done it. Whatever the case was, Charlier delivered a collection that was full of Strong, Wearable pieces with just a twist of the Moody, Arty thing going on. Charlier showed Snake in multiple guises... save the Real McCoy. There was no Real Snakeskin in the collection, which one could see as Subversive, Intellectual Twist, Or Slightly Maddening. Also more Infuriating, Why open the show with THREE Exits of the EXACT Same look just in different colour palettes? It was a Colossal waste of time and effort when that could have been directed at making two OTHER outfits Entirely!

A Snake skin pattern down the front of a Creme shift dress implied the Slither with out the skin, while a Black Leather top was Pleated and Tiered to Imitate the scales of Snake and paired with a Tri-Colour Pleated skirt. A Section of Sequin pieces that also aped the Shiny, Slithery Quality of Snake were On Pointe and should have closed the show... so why the Fur Pieces, Cedric? Befuddling.

In the end, It was a Good effort. Not Great, Not particularly Impactful. But for his fans and for his slowly expanding name, it will keep him noticed for another season. Sometimes that's all that you need, just to stay in the light enough til you create that moment, where you become your Own Light! Charlier still seems to be waiting for that Epiphany!

That's All.


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