Friday, August 8, 2014

Reem Acra.

Mon. 02/10/2014.

Daywear? From Reem Acra? Sing it from the Mountaintops! I have been preaching that it's just silly for a house to produce Nothing but Evening wear and show a collection full of Opulent Fairy Tales and it seems as if the design world is hearing my prayers! Acra showed a brief smattering of the Day stuff before going Full Throttle Evening, but even that slim amount made a World of difference, and when the offerings were as well executed and Gorgeous as these, it really ought motivate her to do more!

Take the Black Suit that sashayed down the Catwalk for Exit No. 3 looking Prim and Proper but not Staid. Or Exit No. 14, The Antique Pink Coat that was a Sure Winner! How about the Kimono Sleeve Panne Velvet jacket with Embroidered flowers and a liquid Satin skirt all in a Glowing shade of Champagne Gold?

After these pieces it was kind of Funny to find that the Evening offerings, Acra's Bread and Butter, were less effective than usual! One KILLER Gown was the Lipstick Red Satin and Lace Gown at Exit No. 33. and the Finale piece was Making the Grade effortlessly too!

To put a fine point on it, Acra should continue to exercise her hand in Day wear. She had some Excellent pieces here that prove she CAN do these kind of pieces and do the Successfully. Now all she needs is to keep that Plumb Line of Focus through the entire collection and she'll have the Winning Formula!

That's All.


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