Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tom Ford.

Mon. 02/17/2014.

Tom Ford... Sporty? No, Must have seen that wrong.... Nope. Tom Ford, Purveyour of all things Sex Laden, Bedazzled, Expensive, Trampy, Vampy, Campy and In-Your-Face Full Court Press Libidinous, has gone Sportif? The Gods Must Be Crazy!? But there it was in Black and White (Literally) for the world to see. This collection for Fall 2014 felt, For the house of Ford at least, Like a Palate Cleanser of the most Complex sort. Like some Mangosteen Macerated in Grappa Sorbet with just a Spoonful of a Szechuan Peppercorn flecked Loganberry, Coconut and Dried Fig Chutney on top... Well it is after all a Tom Ford Palate Cleanser... Did you expect Raspberry Sherbet?

If Ford was scaling back a bit, it brought a Freshness and Spareness to his collection that was Welcome. The Severity that is commonplace in a TF Collection and is usually used to Dominatrix like ends, here was a tightening of the reigns of Exuberant Overkill that makes Ford's collections so Tantalizing! Today, Ford let his Bountiful Skills of Cut and Shape speak loudly, for themselves without drowning them in Lavish Embroideries and The Most Freakishly Expensive fabrics. 

Opening with a Slim Black T-Shirt dress with Long sleeves, cut in Deep Dark Shimmery Velvet, the piece had Simplicity but Luxury stamped into it's DNA. A Black Tunic Dress in Felt with a laced up breastplate was Stricter still and Severely Elegant at Exit No. 4. But it was the Hooded Cashmere sweater that was seen with many outfits and the Utilitarian touches that Telegraphed the Sporty Nature of the clothes to the viewer. That same sporty sense would be envisaged later in the collection to a heightened degree in a pair of Witty Sequined Football Jersey Dresses.

Ford may have stripped back some of the Regal Luxury of his previous collections in this show for a more Sedate sense of Indulgence, But what he may have lost in Bling, He gained in Sophistication. Like the Gucci collection that made him Famous in the Fall of 1995, this collection showed that Sexiness and Glamour can be Simple and Direct without the Flash. Nigh On nearly 20 years later, that message is still as salient Now as it was Then! 

That's All.


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