Monday, August 25, 2014

Emporio Armani.

Fri. 02/21/2014.

Channeling "Annie Hall" did not seem to elevate Giorgio Armani's Fall 2014 Emporio collection to greater heights, It actually made things look somewhat Sillier than they ought to have! Let's State some obvious Points first. Yes, Armani can Cut a Perfect Blazer. Yes, Armani can Cut a Gorgeous Coat. Yes, Armani can create Lovely Skirts, Dresses and Blouses and Present a Suit, be it Pants or Skirt, That Surpass Mostly all and are Surpassed By Few! That is all So Essentially True. What is also Very, Unfortunately True, is that he can be Redundant to the Point of Exasperation!

That was again the Major Criticism to be levied against Armani, (that and the NO Models of Colour!) This collection just felt like all that has come before it. Armani is Glacial in his processes and that in this day and Fashion Age is Akin to Suicide. He has the good luck that even the most Established of Designers Respect him Immensely (Chief among them Uncle Karl Lagerfeld And The Mayor of 7th Avenue, Ralph Lauren) and that is going a long way to keep him relevant, Also, women NEED his clothes for their everyday life. Armani is in no Hurry to Recalibrate the Formula that has thus got him this far, and that Comfort and Safety is Draining his shows of any Merit. 

This was a Typical Display of Armani goods. The only Newness was that this felt less Girly/Juvenile than usual and had a Feeling more so of the Main Label than an Emporio Offering (Annie Hall Hats Notwithstanding) The Opening Pantsuit, To Die! The Sharply tailored coat offered at Exit No. 3, Breathtaking. And then.... More of the same. From beginning to Evening end, which again was Weaker than it should be for a man that creates some of the most Captivating Evening Confections... Odd That!

As there was nothing specifically wrong with this Collection, one hesitates to call it Tragic or Disastrous, yet there was something unfulfilling about it Nonetheless. Too many times have we driven down this same well trodden road with Giorgio, The Scenery Ain't Changed Yet! 

That's All.


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