Thursday, August 28, 2014


Sun. 02/23/2014.

Gaia Trussardi has been given the reigns of her Family's House and told to steer it into the Future and do her best at making it one of Italy's Major Fashion Players. That has meant hiring Current Supers and Fresher faced models, Big Venue and a Proper Formal Show. That the show was a little uninspiring and Lackluster, Those are the breaks. It Happens, what is important is that Spring 2015 is a Chance to get back in the saddle and do better.

There wasn't anything flat out Objectionable, even that Silvery Lame Jumpsuit with the Trussardi Logo Crest Badge on the Chest. Badly Misguided, but nor Objectionable. The major problem that while there were many pieces that will work in A Customer's Daily Life, the clothes were Anonymous. Trussardi has yet to discover what it is that makes her and her Family label Unique and Exploit that in a Thousand-And-One Ways. Once that Equation is solved, the rest is easy, She has talent and can execute some well made Garments, Just the Garments have no Distinct Personality yet.

A Leather Blouson embroidered Boldly with the Family Crest and worn with Pinstripe pants in Black-On-White was hinting at what could be and had that Spark. It was Bold, It was Chic and it spoke loudly. An Asymmetrically buttoned Midi Length Glen Check Dress was also Directional at Exit No. 28. Gaia Trussardi has some skill and talent, (She does need to refine her cut a bit more though, those Leather Dresses were Unflattering and Boxy!) She just now needs a Voice. Once that is Found, We may be talking a lot more about her one day! 

That's All.


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