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Sat. 02/15/2014.

Flashback 2013. Martin Cooper showed both a Spring and Fall Runway show for the house he is Creative Director for, Belstaff. And, by the looks of things, was doing an excellent job handling the Defile. Both shows were Highly Creative and Directional for the Brand and began pushing the Company ever more into the Limelight that it deserves. So, Come Spring '14 and No Show, Which could be explained away because of the huge Shindig that was happening for the opening of their Massive new London Flagship. Gotcha. A One-Off to be sure. But Fall 2014 arrives and... No Runway Show. Another Static Look Book presentation. 

In the spirit of Honesty, I must admit... I PATENTLY LOATHE Showroom or Static Presentations. WHY? This is FASHION WEEK, GODDAMNIT!? Why waste people's time? It's Ridiculous. It just bemuses me why you wouldn't put on a Formal Show when you have the Resources of Belstaff, You can do it up, Major! Hire the Best Hair, Makeup, Models, Stylists in the Biz! There is NO, ZERO, Excitement to be found or cause to want to investigate a brand if they are not putting the effort forth to Captivate it's Audience! And to be perfectly fair, The clothes that are produced for such efforts are more boring for the Designer feels that they needn't try! That's the kinda Yin/Yang of the Fall Belstaff Offering.

Cooper did a Wonderful job creating some great pieces, but there was an underlying Drabness and Lack of Creativity to be found here, one that felt, Joyless and Depressive. There was no Spark! No Vivre! It lacked that Excitation that comes when the Models walk by and you see a Garment Move and the Girl is giving it Life and Air and Breath! So, what we have here are pieces and outfits that are Remarkably well made and Dangerously Expensive. but just about as exciting as a Boiled Egg. Some of the Pieces that stood out...

Look No. 10, A Super Dark Navy hidden button Blazer over Skinny lighter Navy Blue Pants had Drama and Poise with a Rough/Refined edge. A Asymmetric Salt-And-Pepper Tweed jacket and Black pant ensemble at Look No. 17 was feeling properly English and looked Great!

But again, the excitement level was Nil. The clothes didn't stand out and the same of it is, they are really great clothes, had they been given the proper showcase, they would have felt less mundane. Martin Cooper NEEDS to push himself come Spring. The house is going to begin to slowly lapse into the meaningless if he doesn't Place it in the proper context to be Viewed and Digested by the Fashion Ranks. He CAN Do it. We have SEEN him DO it. He just needs to... DO... It!

That's All.


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