Friday, August 29, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sun. 02/23/2014.

Salvatore Ferragamo.

Massimilano Giornetti is working his Groove at the Venerable House of Ferragamo. He has created a recognizable signature for the house and is constantly adding to his vocabulary of fashion by risking and experimenting. Even though Fall 2014 saw Giornetti in a more Safe Frame of Mind, There was Innovation and a Multitude of some of the most Exquisite clothes the house has ever produced. Giornetti injected a Little of This and That to Most Stunning effect, Some of the clothes were so finely done, they moved beyond mere Luxe into Ethereal. From Asymmetry to Painterly swaths of colour to Plaid and Death Defyingly Sumptuous Animal Skins there was something to be had for all tastes.

Standouts were Aplenty, A Glossy Black Crocodile Wrap coat that was Unearthly Expensive to be sure and More Chic than it had a right to be. Or the utter Exquisite simplicity of a Animal Print Turtleneck top and skirt combo early in the show at Exit No. 11, or one of the most Gasp Worthy pieces, the Poncho/Cape in Black with the Bright Violet Swath in the middle... HEAVEN! Giornetti showed that he is a Designer to be taken with the Utmost of Seriousness and that Ferragamo is not just a house of Shoes and Bags, That it's Ready-To-Wear can take on any of the Major Luxury Labels and Beat Them

This show from the house of Ferragamo was one of it's literal best in all senses. Massimilano Giornetti is Showing he is up to the challenge of not only keeping the house relevant, but Timely and Of-The-Moment. He will continue to find even more success with sticking to his guns and listening to his Own voice to produce Collections of Conviction like the one seen today!

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