Thursday, August 14, 2014

Michael Kors.

Weds. 02/12/2014.

Aspirational. It's a word that Fashion needs to Live. Inspirational is a Dime a Dozen. You can find Inspiration in the Frozen Food Section of Costco! But Aspiration.... Ahhh... that is the Rare, Ephemeral Creature that SO many Strive for and Hope for, but mostly, eludes them! Fashion has the Power, when it is the RIGHT Fashion, to Inspire us, TO ASPIRE to more, to the life we WANT! Not all fashion does this. Much fashion is Relatable to the Rich only. Or to the Masses only. The Crevasse in between those two is Mammoth! 

It is only when you're that Singularly Unique Visionary, that the meeting of the hemispheres can be achieved... People....

Micheal Kors IS That Most Peculiarly Rare Specimen!

His clothes meet the Two, The Haves and The Wish-To-Haves, somewhere in the middle and they Dialogue as if old friends! Kors' Aspirational clothes are not just the kind of Aspiration of say a Ralph Lauren or Oscar De La Renta, A kind of Outside Looking In quality that also in a sense (Good or Bad, You be the Judge) Snootily looks down and says, "Unless you're To The Manor Borne, This will NEVER Be You!" Whereas the MOMENT there is a even frisson of Stuffiness or Uptightness, Kors' Is FLINGING open Windows, Doors, Turning on Lights, Lighting Scented Candles, Getting you a Good Strong Cocktail! He's Inviting THE WHOLE BLOCK in and saying, Hey Look, You CAN get to this. This CAN be yours if it isn't now! I Know there's a Sable coat over there that's more than you make a year, but here, try this Faux Lovely thing and you'll look JUST As Good (And Knowing Kors, He might cheekily whisper in your ear, just to make you feel better ("You'll Look Better, Actually!") and make you both Laugh!) as that Girl in the Sable! It's Not Diplomacy, No, Michael believes that Good Taste and Style can be FOR EVERYONE! It's in his HEART, And His Head! 

So when one Views A Michael Kors Show, Yes it's at times EMBARRASSINGLY Richesse and Luxe, But there is the core of the collection that speaks to Every Woman and Man and says to them, I am here to make you look good, TOO! If not now, Someday. And he welcomes the Dreamer and the Want to's With Open Arms and A Radiant Smile!

Fall 2014 was just one of those Perfect Storms of where this Ideal was Polished to Utter Jewel Like Majesty! At first, It took a moment to get a grasp of what Kors' was saying exactly... "Big Sur, Big City?" There was something Crunchy Granola Earthy Patchouli Laced Hippy/Boho on first glance, Berkeley-Meets-The Berkshires! But that was I think, Kors' Goal. I think with the New Venue and a New Mindset... He wanted to Stir the pot a little, Give a bit of Nudge in the Ribs moment. After the Shock wore off, the clothes, Irrational as it may seem, Made Absolute Sense and Crystal Clear Clarity! In Fact, It was Giddily Addictive when one began to inspect everything a little more Closely!

Working a Northern Cali Vibe that had a Bit of Stevie Nicks Witchy Woman infused in it, Kors played all his Regular Cards, The Cashmeres, The Furs, The Chunky Go-Everywhere Sweaters, A Perfect Coat... And then upended those Cards with a more Relaxed but no where near Casual presence. The Opening Outfit put that out on Front Street for all to see, The Plush, Divine Turtleneck Sweater. Check. The Tweedy Hepburn Perfect Coat. Check. The Moody/Smudgy print Chiffon Skirt. Che... Hey, Wait A Minute!?!? Um, Curve Ball, Anyone!? 

However, It looked Sensational! This, was but a sampling of the plethora of Wonderment from Kors. Gaze upon, if you will, the more Typically Kors-ian Gesture of a DARK Chocolate Sable coat over a Denim Circle skirt at Exit No. 6. Truly Luscious! Or, the Grungy Calvin Throwback Moment, Luxed up for the Excessive 2010's in a Embroidered Coat over a Pearl Coloured Slip Dress for Exit No. 16. And Exit No. 35 was one of Kors' Masterstrokes... A full Circle skirted Herringbone Tweed dress, Richly Embroidered with Guinea Fowl Feathers, Grommets and Sequins that took the lavish details of Evening and applied them to a Resolutely Day Silhouette! That one is going to be Wait-Listed for Months, I can Assure You!

Kors' Evening lineup was scaled back tremendously this season, No Big Statement pieces here. Rather, Subtle, Quiet offerings that had a Moody, almost Gothic touch to them, That Stevie Nicks aura haloing them it seemed. Wonderfully so, they fit right in and anything more Blingy would have looked conspicuously out of place in this Collection filled with Cashmere sweats and Nuzzly Tweeds, A Tweed print Chiffon Gown at Exit No. 41 was the living Embodiment of this posit! It was Restrained, but Sexy.

Kors' is always perhaps the Best Show of the New York Season and always a Contender for Best Show of the entire Season. He didn't falter one step with this treatise on Comfy, Cozy Luxury that is going to have his clientele Clamouring for these clothes from West Coast to East Coast and all points in between. Because he makes clothes that exalt women everywhere, Kors' Clothes are Location-less! They look as perfect in Gstaad as they would in Detroit. There is something Quite Magical about that kind of diplomacy. It's Michael Kors Magic! Abracadabra!

That's All.


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