Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bottega Veneta.

Sat. 02/22/2014.

Now THIS is the Tomas Maier that makes Pulses Quicken and Hearts Race. From the Minute One, Maier proved why is one of fashion's Most Superior Talents. Fall 2014 seen him in Glorious Form. Maier Cryptically used only the word "Puzzles" as a Descriptior of what his Fall Assemblage was to entail. It may have been deceptively simple for what was shown, but it was Concisely Apt. 

There is always a Vein of Artistic Intellectualism running through Maier's shows for Bottega Veneta, Sublimated or Highlighted, you can always sense that it's there, this was one of the first times, in many seasons, that that feeling was Absent. Happily So. It felt as if Maier was concerned more so on the clothes and that the intellectual idea of Puzzles was less a Deeply Nuanced trope and more of a Design... Jumping Off point. It lent a Exuberance to the clothes that never manifested itself in Outrageousness.

Starting with the most Lovely Fur coat that will be seen for the entire season, A Magisterially Astounding Quartz Pink Mink Wrap that was the Epitome of Covetable! And after that, a Dissertation on Technique that was far and away one of Maier's most Accomplished statements at the house in the entirety of his career there. He Stripped Down, Pared Back, Eliminated all that was Superfluous and Extraneous and Embellished only in the sense of Enhancing an outfit, not Decorating it. Since there were no Jackets or Pants, One was left with a Sumptuous Buffet of Dresses and Skirts and Coats, with some Sweaters thrown in.

The Intersplicing effects that were witnessed gave witness to Maier's "Puzzle" ideas, And they were Obviously brilliant. But it was really the shapes that were the elements that spoke the most loudly. Swingy skirted dresses Limned the Body from Shoulder to Hip and then gently released into swishing skirts, mainly because of Tight, Flat wide Box Pleats that were folded down on themselves and flared up and open as the models sashayed. Technically, it seemed Simple, it was Laughably Anything But!

These Shapes Elongated the already long lines of the Tall models, And will make regular women look just as lean and lanky. The Geometric Lines of the Inserts of Contrasting Colour are also going to go to Brilliant Effect in Lengthening the Body! I could highlight specific outfits that were more special than others, but here, that would feel Disrespectful to the Body of Work presented. Each Outfit felt like an Instrument in a Orchestra playing a Beethoven Symphony, Not a Concerto. Each one was needed to make the entire sound work and correct! Every Exit was as Critically Considered and Judged as the one before it that they all seemed to work in Symbiotic Harmony. To Specify any one of these Exquisite Treasures is to Defame the whole! And this is too Rapturous a Whole to Besmirch!

Maier showed, Once again, that he is the Constructor of Awe. This collection was so Special. so Perfect, So... Well as you can see... Adjectives fail to convey what this collection truly was. Heartrending will have to suffice for now!

That's All.


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