Friday, August 15, 2014

Elizabeth And James.

Weds. 02/12/2014.

Elizabeth And James.

When all else fails, Simplicity will lead you home! making Simple look Smashing is not an easy task, but one that can be achieved with conviction! For Fall 2014, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen went Beautifully simple for their secondary line Elizabeth and James. After the Heart Stopping Brilliance of their The Row collection earlier in the week, This was in it's own right, Just as Brilliant. Starting with a Masculine influence, the Olsen Duo made easy to appreciate and wear pieces that were Strong and Stylish and Sans Complexity!

How difficult is it to wear a Laser Precise Charcoal Pantsuit with a Plush, Curly fur coat on top like in Look No. 3? Or to take a Generous Pinstripe Jacket with a matching Tee underneath and wear that with some Stunning, Forgiving Tapered cropped pants as in Look No. 10? And lest we be remiss in mentioning a Pretty Damn Savvy Sweeping Great coat in Black that Zipped off it's Bottom half just above the waist and transformed into a Cropped Pea Jacket worn over a Simple long Gown at Look No. 13?

The collection was Bursting with Simple Mastery as this, Making for a Scrupulously edited Exposition on How Basic can be anything other than Basic! These Clothes are the kind that Will be Lived in, Worked in, Played in. They will be the Lifeblood pumping through the Circulatory system of a Woman's Closet. Is there anything else need be said?

That's All.


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