Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pamella Roland.

Tues. 02/11/2014.

For Fall 2014, Pamella Roland was obviously in a Deco Mood, Inspired by the Chrysler Building, there were Many Silvery, Metallic touches and MANY Beads, Sequins and Crystals to Mimic those Metals. Opulence was also another hallmark of the collection and in that lay the rub, it was just too much of a good thing. Blend in that this was not her most accomplished collection with a good deal of the offerings looking too, Catalog. And in the case of the Evening wear, Prom! 

There were great pieces in the mix... A Laminated Tweed Dress had the look of Textured Patent Leather at Exit No. 3 and was more Mod than Deco but still got the job done Excellently. A Cashmere coat lined in the same Silvery Print Fabric as the Pants worn with accompanied by an unbuttoned blouse with a touch of Louche to it at Exit No. 19 was winning favour too! A Glimmering Deco Pattern Sequined slip dress at Exit No. 26 was a Major Winner and was most successful for it's simplicity! 

Elsewhere, things just looked like they weren't up to the quality that Roland is usually great at conveying. A couple of the gowns were Successes, But the rest just felt like they belonged in a Department Stores Junior Section. I Know, Roland Is Better than this! 

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