Friday, August 15, 2014

Ralph Lauren Collection.

Thurs. 02/13/2014.

Ralph Lauren Collection.

Ralph, You Did It Again! You Magnificent Bastard! With a Spring collection FOR THE AGES under his belt, How could RL be expected to Surpass that Unforgettable Winner? Well, Not only did he Surpass it, He Demolished It! Fall 2014 was one of those Once A Decade kind of collections That most designers can only dream about Creating (unlike Uncle Karl, Who does Once-A-Decade collections Like 2-3 times a Season!) This was so Special, it was Tears Making!

Keeping everything in Whispery, Wintery shades, Lauren's collection felt Ethereal from the Get-Go. Owing that Lauren also isn't an Ephemeral designer either, these clothes may have been Mist Fine, But they were meant to last! As grounded as a Combat Boot, these were no little wafting Bagatelles... They were Grown Up, Carefully Considered and Decisively Enduring outfits that will be with a woman for Years to come and look as good 10 years from now as they do right in the present moment.

For Spring, Lauren went all Out Graphic, 60's Mod, Today, there was not a Specific decade being Channeled, There were many allusions to one of his Favorite periods, The Roaring 20's, with Some flapper dresses and Big, Fluffy, Feathery Fur Chubbies and Coats, as well in the Deco like Embroideries to be found in the evening section. It wasn't anything Distinctly Overt, It actually lent a Romance to the collection that was so intuitively incorporated that it felt not one whit costume like.

Sticking with Dusty Pinks and Purples with Icy Grays and Whites as Counterbalances, Lauren's collection looked Insanely Refined and Deluxe for the Pearly, Frosty shades being used in such Expertly Cut and Luxuriantly Fabricated outfits. Volume was also a Big part of the collection with Liquid-y Cape like details and Plush Cozy textures. Like the Pair of Fluffy Voluminous Coats at Exit Nos. 8 and 9, One in Vanilla White worn with the most Chic sweatpants (Lauren and Michael Kors seem to be Duking it out for who has the most Luxurious Sweatpants this season!) while the other was in a Deep Rose Pink and had Poncho like styling and worn with More Tailored, Wide Pants. Both were Screaming, "BUY ME!"

A Steel Grey Ensemble at Exit No. 11, consisting of a One-Shoulder Satin draped Scarf top and Exactingly cut Matching colour Trousers was a Study in Uncomplicated Elegance with a Frisson of the Extravagant! A Halter Turtleneck backless gown that Cheekily looked like it was cut from Grey Sweatshirt fleece and given an Eleganza Fishtail hem and A Feathery Shrug in Rose Pink at Exit No. 19 was another Brilliant Moment! Another Stunner, MacKenzie Drazan's flat front Cape Back Coat in Banker Grey at Exit No. 25. It had Immense Drama and Peerless Design Purity! Simply Wondrous!

Evening was just an All-Around Extravaganza Buffet of Glamourous. Any one of the items presented here could be a Red Carpet Star Maker. Pauline Hoarau in Strapless Pink Satin Crepe with a Sac/Cape-like back at Exit No. 30 had the hairs on the back of the neck sticking up Pin Straight! While the Finale Three Sterling Silver Gowns gave the words Drop Dead New Meaning! Exit No. 36 on Josephine Le Tutour was, I am Sure, One of the most Spectacular Creations I have ever witnessed! And the Finale gown was Lauren's version of his Stoplight Red Opera gown that closed his Spring show done for fall in Chalky Grey, It was working a Mainbocher/C.Z. Guest Feeling to A Heightened Degree of Exceptional!

This was by far, One of Lauren's Most Inspired and Phenomenally Crafted shows EVER! It was Matchless for Drama and Brazen Beauty! It never once shied away from being Incalculably Exquisite and Rich and Glamourous or Just Purely Beautiful. It embraced it, It Reveled in it. That's what made it so Commanding. Lauren wasn't Apologizing for making Somewhat Untouchably Aspirational clothing. And he was also giving you, the viewer, the freedom to say Loudly and Proudly, that there's nothing wrong with Admiring that! There was Immense Freedom in such Liberty. When Fashion Transports to such a Majestic Realm, as this collection did... Democracy Be Damned!

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