Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Mon. 02/10/2014.

There were so many Ideas thrown into the Mix for Fall 2014 at Zero + Maria Cornejo, that I can't honestly Understand why they all, so strangely, worked together? I would love to be able to, but it is a Mystery to me, as well. Looking through the collection, I didn't think I Liked it! I didn't think I COULD like it! But the more I perused, The more it Seduced and Mesmerized, again, Why? I couldn't Possibly Say! Maybe Cornejo is a Magician of some sort, A Spellbinder, A Hypnotist! But, Enthralled in her Magic, I am!

Savage fashion seems to be a growing trend For Fall 2014. Clothes that look like they have been pieced together from ragged Animal Pelts and Rag-Tag pieces of fabric. Cornejo gave us Savage Sporty. Her clientele is a Boho sort, but also are Active, Urban Women who need their Boho to function for Everyday. The opening group in Creamy Beige yielded some immediate "Want" Pieces, Exit No. 4 most obviously, a Flawless Cocoon coat worn with a long White shirt and Bone Track pants. That'll be on wait lists for sure! The simplicity of a White shirt and Flared Black skirt combination at Exit No. 20 was a muted Force to be reckoned with also.

Worthy pieces as well, The Champagne and Yolk Yellow Poncho Shift dress of Exit No. 28 was again, A Masterstroke of the Simple, yet said so much with such Clarity of vision! The Longer Organza version in White that followed was Equally Stunning, Yet wholly different! And who wouldn't want to Channel Bianca and Liza in their Studio 54 Heyday in a Lavishly Sequined Wrap neck Jumpsuit at Exit No. 32?

Cornejo produced a collection that one could find little to anything Objectionable in, It suited her Clientele and her Aesthetic equally while also being Totally Fresh and Innovative. Asking Any more would be Foolhearty!

That's All.


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