Sunday, August 31, 2014

Christophe Lemaire.

Weds. 02/26/2014

Denim is a tough thing to make look Haute. It can be done, but one must have a Vision to extract that Haute-Ness from the Material which has been relegated to Jeans and Jean Jackets and the such. When it's whipped into the Ultra Desirable Peacoat that opened Christophe Lemaire's Fall 2014 collection, One realized Instantaneously that Lemaire has such Vision! There was Utilitarianism mixed with Sophistication throughout and His use of Denim was one of the Hallmarks of such ideas. 

Sweater Dressing was another one of those elevated ideas, Here as Luxe and Cozy it looked it still smacked of Freshness and Spontaneity, Even if there was a Dreadful Repetition of Certain ideas in Identical looks in different colours, which to me shows a Profound lack of Creativity! What was so Astounding and Fascinating, however was how in such Minimalistic Moulds Lemaire showcased Unerring Luxury and Richness. Without Aodrnment or Embellishment, these pieces looked as Pricey and Opulent as could be!

It was in the way a simple Ink Blue Fine Gauge Sweater played against a pair of Suntan colour Trousers. Or the way an Oatmeal Tweed Great Coat worked with a Pearl White top and pants with a Black Jacket thrown over... Maybe it was the Ultra-Quiet Richesse of a Whisper thin Sweater dress in Mushroom with scrunched up Turtleneck and Sleeves that Resonated Deeply. The pieces that were Mouth Wateringly Delectable were Many! 

It ended Perfectly with a Super Crisp Trench Coat that sealed the deal with Mystery, Grace and Attitude. It was the most Effective close to this Treatise on the ability of Quietness to bring Gravity and Resounding Force to the wearer! In that, Lemaire whipped up a Hurricane of Brilliance that was Matchless in it's Persuasion! 

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