Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Naeem Khan.

Tues. 02/11/2014.

It was Business as usual at Naeem Khan for Fall 2014. A Somewhat boring and Predictable affair of one Evening piece after the next with a pretty staid formulaic approach. Khan can always be counted on to produce some stunners, even in the most boring of outings, and that was much the case here. Much of it was Quite Pretty, however it all just felt Rote. And Worse yet, At many times, Dated! 

The Opening Black outfits segued into a nearly Atrocious excursion into the overdone with a Heaping Helping of Leopard print that looked At it's Best, Florid and at it's Worst, Gaudy and Excessive! Then Sequined Stripes arcing in all directions and this was perhaps the section that looked the best, even though after a few repeats it also began to get the Best of Khan. A Slip Dress in Black on Black at Exit No. 17 was the best thing going! 

There was just a lack of Modernity here that Left a Puzzling look upon one's Visage after viewing it. We know Khan can do better than this. Today, it just seemed as if Khan was designing for another decade and for a woman that doesn't really exist anymore. One could say it Felt, Passe. More closer to the point, It Felt Just Wrong. 

That's All.


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