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Sat. 02/15/2014.

Talk About Coming from Left Field! This was a Surprise of the most Divine Sort! I want to say it was an Unqualified Knockout. So I Will! It was From Beginning to End what you want in a Cool, Urban, Modern fashion Collection. Pieces that are Sharp, with just a bit of Edge and Wit, But also don't SHOUT their label. You can remain Anonymous and Still look Expensive and Chic! That's the Urban Formula in a Nutshell, isn't it? 

Louise Trotter is going to be a Name to be reckoned with if she continues with Great Cool clothes such as these! Joseph has been around for 25 years, a Retail forum for up-and-coming Cool and Avant Designers and also a producer of their own Basics that kept the Fashion Insider still an INSIDER, Knowing how well their own Private Label stuff was, but not readily known to many outside the Sphere of the Industry. Now, they have come out of the Closet (Pardon, The Pun) and have put their wares on the Catwalk and are making a Play to not just be a Incubator of great talents, but to be one of there own! 

This was achieved with Clothes that Hit that Sweet Spot of Benign but Gorgeous Sportswear that was fully Luxed-Up to it's Eye Teeth in Rich Fabrics and Sumptuous Skins. Leather here was a major trend and all of it was pretty much Fantastic. A Naval Blue Commanders Coat at Exit No. 3 was Saying quite a lot in the want of desirability. A Maroon and Black Buffalo Plaid Blouson and Wrap skirt on Grace Bol at Exit No. 13 was serving up Coziness in the best sense. 

Exit No. 19 was Minimal Mastery at it's Finest, a Nuzzly Dove Grey Topcoat that had an Androgynous air to it and was the Quintessential Go To Piece for a Fall Wardrobe! While a Evening Pantsuit with a Tie Neck Blouse at Exit No. 32 was as good as anything YSL Ever Created in the way of "Le Smoking!" 

When all was said and done, Trotter had Trotted out one Dazzlingly Fine collection of clothes that will keep the customers salivating for more. This was a Confident, Self Assured, Bold debut, One that promises only Incredible and Intriguing things to come. Ladies, Get ready to make room in your Closets!

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