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Mon. 02/17/2014.


Erdem Moralioglu's Fall 2014 Collection was something of a Slight Letdown. Not the least of reasons because it looked too much Like he had been catching Furtive glances inside the Valentino, Lanvin and Valli Ateliers and sketching madly bits and bobs of what he saw and making something out of it thinking it was the genuine article. Another reason, It just felt Juvenile. There was a Pervasive Feeling of Little Girls Fancy dress being worn by Grown ass women and looking deeply foolish in the process seen here. Inspired by Children in Lavish fancy dress in the Paintings of Diego Velazquez, Erdem translated that with too much literal zeal and missed the mark in doing so.

There, Fortunately, were some pieces that were done right, A Pale Champagne Beige/Gold long sleeve Shift Dress, Exit No. 5, done in Cutwork Lace and Embroidery was Strangely, Provocatively Sexy while being Totally covered and felt Grown up. A Beauty of an outfit on Riley Montana, Exit No. 12 had Real Modernity to within the construct of Moralioglu's show Concept. Exit No. 20 was the Show Stealer, even though indebted to the Val Duo, It was Clearly of it's own ilk! A Diamond pattern beaded sheer Black dress that had a Ruffle collar that flowed down the Unembellished back of the Dress! Lovely!

There were other Special moments to be had, but not really enough to Elevate the collection above the Failure of it's conception. It was a Vein that was Rich with Inspiration to Tap, but with too much of a Literal hand, it didn't look like anything a Modern woman would want to stroll the town in. To say that it was Bad, would be to harsh, just bad execution. It was just something of a Disappointment, with some Genuinely Breathtaking pieces in it and definite appeal even in the more Girlish Pieces, it will suitably find it's audience. Just how Modern (And Adult) that Audience will look is a different story altogether!

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