Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Sat. 02/22/2014.

It's Funny how in the quest to Advance one's Fashion style and Develop further, how many designers lose the essential part of them that made them famous or at least known to start with! That is the case, it would seem, with Roberto Rimondi and Tommaso Aquilano, that that is most definitely the case. Yes, there were touches of the Old 6267 days, and the Early Days of Aqiilano.Rimondi, but those have been put in storage as the two try to Define new parameters of their Style. To say it is Evolving would mean that they are simply carrying on on the Course that they had originally began on... that's not the case. Metamorphosing would be more accurate, Morphing into something New, Different, and Not altogether good.

There was a Disconnect here that was frankly, Shocking! Troubling would be a good word too. It's not to say that the experimentation was a Failure, it was just so Tragically Miscalculated. The Contradistinction of the Opposing ideas was so... Jarring that the collection felt as if it were Schizophrenic,  The Colours, The fabrics, all that Sheer skirting... it all contrived to make things look Lunatic. This flying Smack in the Face of some truly Beautiful Pieces. A coat in Dark Iron Grey was laden with Overblown Rose Blooms and Looked 50's Couture Worthy! A Fitted Double Breasted suit that shaded from a Nuzzly tweedy Ash Grey to a Shiny Iron Grey was also Sublime! 

But the Patching together of the fabrics otherwise and the Inexplicable ideas of Super Short Hems And/Or See-Through Sheer and Embellished... Dead Awkward! One such Atrocity... an Opaque/Sheer Sleeveless Dress (Yes, Sleeveless AND SHEER, For Fall/Winter) was Swathed in Chunky Crystal Embroidery (???) and then of all bemusements... Given MINK Patch Pockets and Hem.... Honestly? Really? It was Flabbergasting! 

I can't say that the collection was a Horrifying mess... In some ways the train of thought the duo had was Scintillatingly Intriguing. If the execution had been there, This might have been one of those Shocking collections that sends ripples through the entire Fashion system... But done the way it is, It just looks Confused and, Dishearteningly so, Sad. Not A Moment of Greatness for a collection that could have been a Resounding Success! 

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