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Sun. 02/23/2014.

In the constant Struggle in Fashion to revitalize brands, Many houses have taken on New blood to bring life into venerable Maisons. Bally has teetered back and forth between revival and contentment in being an accessories House that is well Revered among the Fashion In-The-Know and the Everyday Shopper. Graeme Fiddler and Michael Herz were onto something, but in the Transitory and Mercurial world of the Fashion Designer, Designers are here one day, gone the next. 

Enter, Pablo Coppola. In a Slender edit for the House of Bally, consisting of only 14 Looks, Coppola put forth an immensely strong showing of Classic pieces with Modern Appeal. The clothes score many points for being Tailored to Perfection. This isn't just Slapdash sportswear sewn up in expensive fabric with little to no consideration for how the Garments will fit... No! They are Considered and Thoughtful Pieces meant to Seduce and Last! They also fit into the Modern Scheme of The Fashion Landscape and what is being shown by Companies on every end of the spectrum, From High to Low! 

A Tobacco coloured Double-Breasted Topcoat in a Deeply Luxe fabric is worn with Trouser cut Denim Jeans in one great look, while, another look of a Simply FLAWLESS Minimalist Aviator Jacket in Khaki Green worn with a Vanilla Pencil skirt was Causing a Flop Sweat of Passionate Want. The Final look, A Stolid Navy Blue Pantsuit was super Sharp in it's cut and anything but Stodgy, given a Breeze of Romance with a Steel Grey cape strewn about it. 

Coppola has skills, That is Patently Obvious and with this Minuscule offering, he created great impact in a small presentation. Hopefully he, and the House of Bally will be emboldened for Spring to let him cut loose with a full Runway presentation and really let Coppola Flex his Muscle.... One senses he might have a Six Pack just waiting to be shown off!

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