Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Fri. 02/21/2014.

Alessandra Facchinetti Is Back! And that's a Good thing. After two unceremonious Dumpings from Gucci and Valentino, Facchinetti took some time off to Revitalize... And come back better than Ever. Tod's may not have seemed like the most Natural fit for a Woman who cut her teeth in the Luxurious Halls of Gucci and Valentino, where upon command the most Extravagant and Elaborate pieces could be Whipped Up out of Facchinetti's Dreams. Yet, what She has done with the Powerhouse Shoe house, has been Miraculous. And Bloody Chic to Boot!

Owing to the fact that this is after all, A Leather House, Facchinetti might be finding herself relying a little too Much on making Leather the Star and that is Stifling her Abundant Creativity (Look at her Only Valentino Couture show to know the woman has MONUMENTAL Skills) Another point, even though this may be a Sportswear Label, it wouldn't hurt things One Whit to inject a little of the Deluxe into the house... A Few pieces of The Lavish would go a long way! 

But that is Nitpicking of the Ultimate order! What Facchinetti is Producing is So Powerfully Seductive and Desirable it's not even Remotely Laughable. And that what she is producing is so Forward and in it's way, Creatively Edgy, Risky, Those things make it even more Dangerously Exciting. So Far, Facchinetti has kept things Sporty in a Uber-Luxurious way, Fresh, Youthful, Vital but Head Spinningly Rich. 

Her Fall show for Tod's had a sense of Posh Indulgence, Languid Richesse! The Girls Ambled along unfettered, just Strolling Casually... and at the end set down or posed in a corner or on a seat, Louche as they wanted to be, in a Series of Vignettes set up in different sections of the show space. The clothes were Of a Glorious Ilk. A Windowpane Print dress (White on Ink Blue) had a Swinging Watteau Back but a Zipped bodice in front made it Modern and not too Precious at Exit No. 4. Or The Perfect Coat in Ultraviolet At Exit No. 7...To LIVE For!

What was more important, even if it wasn't always flattering, Facchinetti is given Much breathing room to Experiment and try things, not all were works of Art, but that she tried and had the DESIRE To Try made it all a worthwhile effort! Even though it was with the Classic Pieces that her Light Shone the Brightest! A Paper Leather Cape in Natural, A completely Detail-Less Wrap Trench in the Softest Cloud of Mauve Leather whole a Swingy Skirted dress in the same colour but now in Patent Was Special enough to Close the Show.

As Faccinetti begins to Define herself and the Tod's Label further, one knows we will her express herself even more fully and Expand the House into one to be Reckoned with. Time is all that it takes. Until then, The Journey so far to get there has already been filled with Beautiful Scenery. Let's not Rush the Voyage! 

That's All.


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