Saturday, August 23, 2014

Max Mara.

Thurs. 02/20/2014.

Max Mara.

There was a bit of trying to be all things to all peoples going on at Max Mara Fall 2014. The house was trying to be Witty. trying to bee Innovative, and Trying too hard, so it would seem. The collection felt overwhelmed by it's own invention. One real flaw, in wanting to Counterpoint all that Drab Grey and Brown tweed, the use of a Bright Lichen Green and the Gold Croc served only to make the Drabness, Amplified! It was a Very Wrong choice.

The Coats that are always the Money Makers for the house were Typically Fine. Nothing out of the ordinary there, A Super Fine Double-Breasted Tweed coat with Plaid Tweed sleeves on Betty Adewole at Exit No. 9 was saying something special, as was the warmly hued Camel Wrap coat that is the House Signature, at Exit No. 17 was providing Ample evidence that the simple route sometimes generates the most rewards! There were Experiments with Quilting and Mixed Media Blocking of Prints and Textures and Fabrics, They all really felt like just exercises in trying to be more Of-The-Minute rather than something the House fully believed in.

This collection failed the house of Max Mara in too many ways to fully explain, chief among the reasons... It was just Trying TOO Hard! The was no Naturalness to this collection, it felt Forced. Dishonest. When the Design team let the Wonderful, Rich clothes speak for themselves and let the work stand up for itself, they create Magic. No one can blame them for not wanting to be Stuck and Staid, No house wants that. But they also must remember that there is nothing wrong with Being True to yourself. That's Always In Fashion!

That's All.


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