Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Fri. 02/21/2014.

Veronica Etro Gave a Beautifully and Richly Nuanced Exotic and Eclectic Collection for her Family House of Etro for Fall 2014. Etro is a House of Prints and Patterns. Escaping that would be like Lagerfeld Trying to escape Tweed at Chanel and Fur at Fendi. It's Irrational and Counter-Intuitive. For Fall, Etro decided to take a Stroll along the Silk Road. Perfect Synergy, Eh? 

Etro Layered Prints and Patterns with a Willful Abandon that bordered on the Ecstatic! Where as this season we have seen the Glories of Excess, especially when it comes to print usage, be anything but Glorious, Here even where there were 3, 4, 5 prints going on in one outfit at one time, it never felt Overwhelmed of Confused, It felt, Organic and Fluent. Since the Silk Road travelled all over Asia and Europe and Back through Africa, India and Arabia... You can feel the omnivorous Ms. Etro taking from all those locales and just Jumbling it about with Expert Care. 

From the Orientalist to the Northern European Folkloric to Indian Paisleys, to Moorish and Byzantium, The Prints were things to be made Agog By! There was Some passing nod to the Heady Glory days of Romeo Gigli to be Found here as well. It created a Depth that was even more so Resonant! With every Exotic colour here to be found, Nutmeg, Spice, Curry, Turquoise, Chocolate, Tobacco, Plum... It was Orgiastic in the amount of Colour being served all together. This was one of those collections that it is almost Impossible to write about because Each, And Every, Single Exit could be Dissected and Explored for Pages and that still wouldn't be Enough to fully Detail all that each outfit encompassed.

For the Sheer Joyful Abandon of Clothing, This was a Perfect Show! Hands Down. The Exquisite Joy of reveling in these Masterpieces of Exotica was Incalculable! Veronica Etro Simply Created Beauty, This season. And Never More Apt, The Quote, "A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever"

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