Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Acne Studios.

Sat. 09/27/2014.

Somewhere, along the way of designing his Spring 2015 Acne Studios collection, it would seem Jonny Johansson got his Chocolate, stuck in Tom Ford's Gucci circa Late 1990-something or other's Peanut Butter! It was unmistakably there in Exit No. 2... the DEEPLY Unbuttoned top of a Trompe L'oeil Shirt dress belted at the waist in Fruit print that was Kelly Green on top and White on the bottom. The Sunglasses, The Metal Necklace, The Bianca Louche-Ness of it all! It was just one of the Standouts in Johansson's Terrific collection for Acne.

There were other moments of Gucci inspiration, but they were wisely blended in with a collection that was all Acne. The few Safari moments that popped up and Sheerness factor were as attributable to the Louche Bianca 70's vibe going on as it was to the TF Era Gucci, those atavistic tendencies also produced some of the best pieces in the show. Per Example, A Positively Marvellous Saddle Leather cinch-waist Duffle coat that was Jaw-Dropping in it's Magnificence, also on a Leather Note, a Black Zip-front Jacket with tight matching Bermudas was Inspiring Awe and it's Counterpart in a Teal Pantsuit (this time though the Jacket had short sleeves instead of long) was making Sweet Fashion music also. 

These just happened to be only a few pieces amongst many, there were many other fine examples of Spectacular fashion, One such piece in particular stood out from the Throng, a Strapless Gazar flared skirt belted Dress in Black was Purely Sensational! Johansson is Gaining ground and speed as he is pushing forth a new identity for the house of Acne. It's bearing some awfully delicious fruit, these efforts of his, and if he keeps pushing himself while maintaining the balance of Creativity and Wearability, we will be hearing a lot more from him as a Fashion Force!

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