Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ohne Titel.

Thurs. 02/12/2015.

Ohne Titel.

Whereas at one point in their earlier days, Flora Gill and Alexa Adams had a Cool, Detached, Urban Minimalist Hipness to their label, as of late they have fallen away from what made them so Cool to begin with and what we have been left with have been increasingly disappointing showings from the duo. This was another Colossal Catastrophe for Gill and Adams.

Out of the gate, let us address the MAJOR problem with the collection. It was HIDEOUS! I Mean, a Literal EYESORE! The Shocking Inappropriateness of the colours they threw together were as equally Headache Inducing as they were Queasy-Making. Like having Seasickness and a Cranium Splitting Migraine simultaneously! At some point one just had to look away from the Garishness of what was strolling down the Catwalk. After the Retina Charring display of colour, it was patently difficult to properly examine the clothes, which when after one put on their Sunglasses and Visor and looked through their Eclipse Pinhole viewer, finally could get a handle on, proved not to be all that enticing either. In the spirit of Directness, Save a Pair of Suede and Leather Pseudo-Trenches (Both Excellent, by the way) the rest looked like a Conglomeration of all the worst clothes from the 80's cross-bred with some Frightening approximation of that same era's Barbie Clothes made Human Size. Awful would be the most Tepid of words to start with as to describe these outfits.

It was a Bust. Pure and Simple. A Hideous, Misguided, Pupil Assaulting, Tragic, MESS! I would like to be more Generous, But as to whom that Gill and Adams are thinking will wear these clothes... Well, Let's just say they'd need a Flux Capacitor and Marty McFly to Find Them. Oh, and Don't forget Doc Brown!

That's All.


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