Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Martin Grant.

Sun. 09/28/2014.

Martin Grant is by far, the most Considerate and Thoughtful designer in Paris. His consistent, unabashed embracing of Non-Celebrity has kept him grounded and as of this time, perhaps the truest inheritor of the Mantle of The Great YSL. One can see the Greatness of Yves in Grant's Clean, Thoroughly Un-Tricky Woman Glorifying clothes. REAL CLOTHES! For Real Women, Not Superstars. 

This has kept him somewhat under the radar of most fashionista who look towards the Flashy and the Fame Starved designers who want to be as much the Star as the ones they shamelessly pander to, and in doing so he has cobbled together his own Coterie of In-The-Know Fashion Elite who come to him for his IMPECCABLE and Exactingly executed clothes. He is as much a Haute Couturier as any practicing the discipline currently or past. If I had his ear, I'd put that bug in it as much as possible, for with the Grand Gestures that could be achieved with the Unlimited forum of Couture, Grant may have some even more stunning work to show us! 

As the matter lays now, he is quietly, happily producing if not quite Anonymous clothing, then Low-Key clothing for the Woman of Elegance and Grace and Style. He revved up his engine this Spring 2015 by showing not so subtly as usual at the Hotel Shangri-La and on the Calendar this season and injected a little extra Pizzazz into his work with some more Body hugging, Leggy creations but balanced that with a Soignee 70's Socialite feeling that was a throwback to equal parts Talitha Getty and Elsa Perettti. Witness the Louche Cool of those Flowing, Voluminous Jumpsuits that for all their Billowing mass added not one whit of excess poundage to the Models Frame. Or Grant's Unapologetic embracing of Pouf Skirts, be they in Polka dots, Creamy Butter Yellow Duopioni or a Inky Blue Panier skirt attached to a Strapless romper in Satin Organza!

Grant has always been a Favorite on the Paris calendar of mine and he didn't disappoint in the least here, Some of the clothes, in his zeal to capture perhaps a more Youthful Vigour, Skewed too young and Girly and lacked a bit of sophistication, but juxtaposed against the stronger pieces, they were easily forgivable. Grant has been quietly plugging away doing his own thing and gathering many, MANY fans around the world who crave his Adult, Sexy kind of Reserved Chicness and Richesse. It's about time the rest of the Fashion world Caught on! 

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