Monday, July 27, 2015

Polo Ralph Lauren.

Thurs. 02/12/2015.

Polo Ralph Lauren.

Starting last Fall with an Integrated showing of his New Business occupation, a newly Relaunched and Re-Branding of the Polo label, and his Collection label, Ralph Lauren set the stage for a Full on Crush of Redesigning and Realigning of His already standing Polo Stores. This was also reflected with  the Splashy Central Park Holographic 4-D Extravaganza for Spring 2015, which was equally a Debut of the new line and rousing Curtain-Raiser for his Massive new "Polo" Fifth Avenue Store (The First among many new ones, while the older ones are in a state of Conversion, to reflect the new scope of the Brand)

Fall 2015 saw Lauren still driving the point home with a Typically Ralph Lauren Polo show at his Madison Avenue Headquarters that confirmed that Lauren isn't nearly as much reinventing anything as Solidifying what exactly the Ralph Lauren Codes are. In that vein, There was not One Damn thing New here that hasn't been regurgitated so many times that it has become Rote, Chez Lauren. Lauren mines his own past with an almost... Dare one say, Necrophiliac like Obsession. The Hallmarks were here for everyone to witness and were done in only the most infinitesimally minute variations of things we have so OFT seen before from this house.

Wanna know the Absolutely Absurd and Quixotically Dumbfounding part... IT. FUCKING. WORKED! How. I don't know if I have the Ability to convey why, But in some Unholy Union with the Lucifer of Seventh Avenue, Lauren got it Just Right! It was yes, ALL THE THINGS we've seen a Million times beforehand, yet they felt Fresh and Strangely Illuminated, as if this was the first time seeing them, but yet they were strangely Familiar and Comforting.

Lauren is going full Balls To The Walls with this Recontextualizing and Reconceptualizing of his "Polo" Brand and making it distinctly apart from his Collection and Black Label (and for men, Purple Label and Black Label) It does come off with a Hint of "Greatest Hits" to it, but it's forgiven. All the great Lauren Affects were touched on, Annie Hall, The Faye Dunaway "Bonnie Parker", The Mia Farrow "Great Gatsby", Bankers Stripes, Three-Piece Suits, Safari, Yachting, Naval, English Prep School.... all there in Giddy mixes of Genres and styles... There was even a touch of Grandmother's Attic, Biker, Southwest/Navajo and  Russian Czar thrown in there for good measure. That no one thing was adapted in full regalia and that it was mixed up, Cuisinart style, made the mix Stellar!

Coolest of all... There was Evening Real Evening clothes. Lauren is obviously envisioning this as a Full lifestyle label from Day to Night and showed some Terrifically Chic Variations on one of his favorite Tropes... Tuxedos. Especially the Tails Jacket with Leather Pants! Lauren is no slouch when it comes to his labels, Of course at times there can be a haunting similarity amongst his collections, But sometimes that can be worked out in the best of ways. His new "Polo" Label seems to be Invigorating Ralph. Knowing Lauren, He's already planning something else already to Delight us!

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