Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Alexandre Vauthier.

Tues. 01/27/2014.

For those wanting that Sexpot, Skin Showing, Va-Va-Voom Couture that was so well embodied by Gianni Versace and Thierry Mugler, Look no Further than to Alexandre Vauthier! Vauthier in December  2014 was given an Official Appellation as a Couturier, so his Haute Couture is now deemed by La Chambre Syndicale as worthy of the moniker. Upon first glances, Vauthier's Couture doesn't feel like COUTURE at all, maybe a Luxed-up, Pumped Up, version of Ready-to-Wear, But you get in there and skip past all the, and it must be said, Slutty connotations, and you see his work is as Meticulous as FUCK! It has to be, for those gowns to fit and reveal as they do... that's not just by Accident or Chance!

Even though one gets the feeling that Vauthier would be happiest doing Glitzy evening Showpieces, he is too considerate and well-trained a designer to go that Route. Good On Him! Yes, his Daywear is as Revealing and Sparkly as his Evening offerings, But it's still Daywear! A Mallard Green asymmetrically zipped Suede Coatdress proved well beyond doubt that Vauthier can strip it all down to Cut and Fit and wrestle in the Arena of the Giants of Couture. And now, what anyone who loves Alexandre waits for... The Eveningwear! There's not much to say on the subject. The pieces were Characteristically Slinky and Sexy and Revealing... All the usual signatures were touched upon. Vauthier isn't reinventing anything, however he is Perfecting and Honing his Codes... And as expected,  the Eveningwear was just exactly what anyone would want from the house! 

Vauthier could do with a little more Refinement around the Edges, Buff out the Sharper Corners a bit, all that Sexiness can be Grating and Taxing in too large of doses. He'd make a world of difference if he added more fare that was not so, Vixenish! Not that at this moment he needs to really, he's selling his Couture well, just the way it is. Now may not be time to stir the pot, but someday soon... That pot is gonna need a Good minute or two with the Spoon! 

That's All.


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