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Thurs. 02/15/2015.

Giovanna Randall is Giving a Certain Pair of Italian Couturiers a Run for their Money and may be doing it with less Ostentation and Crushing Intricacy! Randall's Honor label is always a Highlight of the NY Fashion season because it's so Charming, Vibrant, Romantic and oft Whimsical in a way that alights smiles to the faces of the viewers! Her Bohemian sense of style is at once Elegant and Fairy Tale. Randall's Fall 2015 collection for her Honor label was some of the best output from the designer whose collections seemingly continue to build upon themselves and the Vocabulary of the House. 

There was a Bumper Crop of Glorious pieces here to Marvel at... Randall was inspired by the Woods around her Grandmother's home in Vermont and the Richness and Multiplicity of such environs (Funny that, The last Major Show before hers was Costello Tagliapietra and they were inspired by the woods too!) The set decor brought this idea to the corporeal and the models emerged out from what looked like an opening in an Enormous Tree trunk, Studded with Mushrooms... It was Fanciful in the utmost. 

Clothing-wise, Randall kept the Ethereal mainly for Evening and showed stronger, less Sentimental clothing for day. There was some Backbone, it may have been a backbone coursing with Lighthearted Gaiety, But a backbone nonetheless. A Black dress with a layered White Collar and Cuffs was Slim and Prim and Looked as if it had enough severity to it to Brave the City Streets and not the Leafy paths to Grandmama's Cottage. A Pearl Grey Boucle Tweed suit was Pitch Perfect and had no Sense of Artsy or Saccharine to it. It was Sweet, but Strong! Just as good was A Red Ensemble on Kai Newman consisting of a Scallop edge deep-neck Shirt and a Split front skirt. It was one of those Chic Day-to-Night outfits that was Seductive even though it was Minimalist. 

Evening was the best Platform for Randall's Talents this season. Full of Floaty Layers and Floor Dragging Trains, the Romance was Palpable and Heady! A High-waisted Gown in the Signature Deer Print of this season wrought out of incredibly intricate Cutwork Velvet was so lovely and so closely hewn in execution (if not bettering some of) to that of the Valentino Duo, (Watch Out, Maria and Pierpaolo!) That it was Remarkable! And the Flame Red gown that preceded it... Well... You get the Drift.

Randall is a Jewel in the NY Fashion Crown. Her shows are always the best and most Skilled lessons in Beauty and Whimsy. She should be a Bigger name than she is, and hopefully as she continues to create such Magisterial pieces full of Flair and Romance... That time will be drawing Ever nearer. 

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