Saturday, July 18, 2015

To My Readers and Followers...

Sat. 07/18/2015.

Dear Readers...

I am so sorry that this is all coming so late... I, As you may or may not know, Take care of my Father, whom has been recovering from 2 MAJOR Back surgeries and has been slowly learning to walk again. He has not been able to do for himself for a while and just as he was showing signs of improvement, he had a Setback. This has Taken up much of my time, Happily so, for I want my Father to be able to Ambulate on his own, yet this has left me little time to Concentrate on my writing.

As seriously as I take this, I know I am DESPERATELY Behind, and I DO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! With All My Heart. I don't have much time before the Spring 2016 shows... But I am going to do my Goddamnedest to be Live for the Spring Shows. Catch up is going to be a Major Bitch of a Pain in the Ass, But I am going to Try. I have Spring 2015 Couture, Fall 2015 RTW, Resort 2016 and Fall 2015 Couture to catch up on. I am going to put my best effort forward to Get all that covered.

Wish Me Luck! ;-)

I Adore any and all of you who read my Blog and Hope you let the people you know who are interested in Fashion to give me a look and suggest My Blog to their friends... I Treasure you all!

Thank You For Sticking with me.

Take Care, All!

That's All.


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