Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wes Gordon.

Fri. 02/13/2015.

Wes Gordon's work has the tendency to make me Wax Prosaic at times. I am not going to lie, I am unashamedly a Fan. As much a Fan as I am of my Idol, Karl Lagerfeld, and of Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs. Being a Fan, However, in no way prejudices my views on their work. When, or If, they have a Bad collection, I'll be the FIRST to say it. So far, as to my exploring of the recent Oeuvre of Gordon's work, I have nothing but the Utmost of Praise. He is in my mind the next Lion of Seventh Avenue and has both the Skill and Taste to be one of the Greats. He has the combined Qualities of Bill Blass, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein. That's Some Pedigree! 

Fall 2015 witnessed Gordon Toughening up his Gal, as he claimed, "This Time, there's a little more Attitude" and it showed! If Spring for Gordon was "Very Serene and Very Clean" Fall is about a Woman who is taking no Prisoners. She's not "Aggressive" as Gordon explained but she does have more Swagger in her step and isn't afraid to look like she means Business, even if it is Upper East Side business! The most beautifully evident thing is, Gordon is channeling that Early 90's Minimalistic Chic era that was defined by such names as Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang without it being referential and even more so, he's invoking the Pared-Back Luxury of 90's era Michael Kors most noticeably. What makes this so, Subtly Shocking, is that at the time of this happening in fashion, whereas I was a Young man, Gordon wasn't even in Grade school at the time! This is a testament to his Innate and Deep sense of Fashion History.

Gordon put some of his Best work to date down the Runway this day, There was Severity and Sensuality in Equal parts in a Optic Print Structured Jacket over a Sheer Blouse and a Sliver of Tweed skirt as well as a Louche sense of Ease in a Superfine Denim Wrap/Bathrobe coat which elevated the Expensive and Luxurious Japanese Denim to even more Opulent heights! That Denim was transmuted to an even more Deluxe degree when cut into Wide Trousers that were paired with an Extravagantly Beaded T-Shirt, which to call a "T-Shirt" Should be labelled as Slanderous it was so Majestic!

There were more examples of Gordon's Teetering on the Minimal/Luxe Line, A Plush and Indulgent Cloud Grey Fur coat was paired with a Steel Grey Funnel-neck Sweater/Dress and Denim pants and Discreetly evoked a Kors Moment. The Black Double-slit front Mock-neck Dress was also hitting those Minimalist 90's buttons full on with Quiet Sensuality and Innate Chic! Also, One would be remiss in the extreme if they did not mention how Gordon Successfully transformed Corduroy into something Exciting and Desirable in this collection! 

The Finest Showcases of Gordon's Metamorphosing of 90's Minimal into something wholly his own Imagining, The Pale Grey and Oyster Satin Gown at Exit No. 8. It was of the Past, But was configured to be totally of this Moment. It was Superbly Magnificent  as well as Sporty and Eloquent. The Suit on Leila Nda that followed was also serving plenty of Grace and Elegance with a Modern overtone.

Wes Gordon blew this collection out of the Water. It was by far, His best yet and filled to bursting with clothes made for the Women of Today who have a Style that embraces the past but only in Future Tense! In time, He will be the Inheritor of the Throne of Designers like Kors and Klein, He is a Young, Dapper, Suave man, and as of now, he is Honing in on what will be The Wes Gordon of the Future, and I KNOW he will steadily grow to become one of the Major Forces of New York, nee, Global Fashion, This I Can Promise!

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