Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kanye West x Adidas Originals.

Thurs. 02/12/2015.

Why Am I Writing about this? I LOATHE Kanye West, I Loathe his Wife and her Sisters and her Family even More (I don't CARE That Karl Loves Kendall, FUCK HER! And all the rest! Yes, That Includes Caitlyn!) But Fashion is Fashion. Maybe I am compelled to write about it from a Cultural standpoint. It was an Event that took over Fashion week with Anticipation and Buzz and just what exactly was Kanye going to Produce? His Earlier Dabblings Du Mode were Comic to the point of Slapstick. How many of the his Wife's Siblings and Family would be gathered there for the Erstwhile onlooker to gawk at and perhaps, just perhaps, get a Clandestine Photo of on their Device of Choice. So much was boiling in this Stew pot that it was threatening to either boil over, or placate the multitudes. And in the spirit of Honesty, As much as I may Despise Kanye (And, I DO!, In Measureless amounts) I am here to record what was produced with Fabric and Thread without any prejudices as to whom produced them. No More, No Less.

In that Vein. As Shocking as it may sound... I LOVED the Collection. Why? I am not sure I know Why? Maybe because I wanted it to be such a Mammoth Failure as to laugh at West and Make fun of him for the endeavour, if i am being truthful. Or maybe because he took a Deconstructionist hand to the work and Minimalized it to the point of the Anodyne and in that move, Let the power of the clothes speak. Yes, this was a Self-Aggrandizing Dip into the Deepest end of the Egotistical Pool, Could it be any Less with Kanye? The man is totally unaware of truly how Insipidly AWFUL he is as a Rapper and as a Person! The media lavishes praise on his Scandalously Uninspired Rap, and let's him behave like some Petulant, Spoiled Brat of a Child because he has achieved that rare Super Celebrity status that is more known for simply BEING than DOING. The realm that his Wife and her Whorish, Slut Sisters and Mother occupy with such Facility! But all that has no impart on the clothes. 

So, to the clothes. Much of it was just one Piece or so, or even just some of the Shoes he is producing with Adidas and some Body Stockings. Not much to look at you might say, Yet, taken in the Context of the Whole. They served a Purpose... Marketing. It's Adidas! Kanye and Adidas were there to sell SHOES! Clothes too, but if the Clothes were a Bust, there was still such a Deafening Buzz about the Collaboration and that it was being shown during NYFW that the shoes were still going to Sell out in 44 Seconds flat and have a Waitlist as long as that for an Hermes Kelly Bag! Aside from all that, the Gambit still worked, The clothes were Beaten, Torn, Ragged, Lived in. They had a Built in Secret History and they seduced you for that reason. The Mad Max Quality and the Military-ish Vanessa Beecroft Installation style of the show gave Gravitas to the clothes as did the Stern and Perturbed faces of the Cast of models, from all walks of life, Shapes, Sizes, Ages... It was a.... Moment!

If anyone was drawing something of a Line to the work of Rick Owens here, they wouldn't be off, It had that Savage sense of Seduction to them, That off Kilter Brutishness. The pieces called out to the onlooker because we could see ourselves in these clothes every day, in the Real, REAL World, Not the Fashion "Real" world that exists for only a lucky few (Kanye being one of them!) And THAT was the part that really Hit the Nail Squarely on the head. Instead of Designing clothes for His Ilk, those of the Fashion and Celebrity Elite, He created clothes for the Everyday person and transformed it into FASHION! It was a Brilliant Counterpoint to the Elaborately staged show, Clothes that looked like you could get them at the Thrift store or Wal-Mart, But Elevated to Olympian Status! It was his Petulance and Bratty side slapping the Fashion Cognoscenti in the face, And I LOVED IT! Made me have one Small Iota of respect for the man!

As the groups progressed forward the clothes became more the focus and ending in a Camouflage Section, the show came to a close. I seriously want about Everything in the show! The clothes are Insanely Utilitarian but Slick and with enough elements of Invention to make them stand apart, even if they have a Thrift shop Patina. In the end, Even someone as Unlikable and Insanely Arrogant as West can produce something of Value and Genius! This wasn't about the most Remarkable clothes and that was never the point. It was about a Statement, A Statement of West's on the immensity of his Braggadociousness and Flawed belief in his greatness as a Testament to his Non-Existent talent. His still a Horrible and Useless piece of Human Detritus, But even the worst of us has a Moment where we can shine. This, To my mind, Was Kanye West's Moment to shine.

That's All.


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