Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 Sun. 09/28/2014.


"In olden days, A glimpse of Stocking was looked upon as something shocking, But now, God Knows. Anything Goes!"

That lyric was brought keenly to the fore of ones mind as they viewed the Severely Puzzling and Discombobulating Spring 2015 Celine collection designed by Phoebe Philo. There was with complete certitude an "Anything Goes" approach being trod out for Philo's Spring offering, but the bigger question Begged... To What End? Was this simply an Hallucinatory, Tripping Balls Stream-Of-Consciousness ride through the deeper recesses of Philo's mind? Was there some greater Over-Arching message to be gleaned? Or was just a bunch of Shit thrown into a pot like Grandmothers old Sunday Clearing out the Fridge Stew and hoping that what simmered down for long enough would be palatable in all it's constituent parts?

There was plenty going on at Celine, there was a plethora of looks to choose from, and nor was each look congruent to what was shown prior to it. It was a Mixed Bag Extraordinaire. This outing also found Philo embellishing her outfits in Strange and Wholly Illogical configurations. Embroidered side cutout "Portholes" Oddly placed off-the-shoulder "Sleeves" that were generated from Streamers of incongruent fabric jutting out from mid-torso, Grid like overlays of Buttoned together strapping. It was Disconcerting and, bluntly, Hideous.

To be sure, there were lovely pieces here that were Expertly made and Gloriously enhancing, mainly because they tread the road of Simplicity and Modernity and were frill free. Uniquely Belted and Wrapped coats and jackets were of the most inventive ilk and looked ready to rule any city they set their eye alight. And Highlighter Yellow and Black coat on Binx Walton was Truly saying EVERYTHING!

Philo is in my opinion, a Radically Hit-or-Miss designer. This was and odd confluence of Both in the same collection, where as some pieces melted the soul of the viewer and inspired INSTANT Obsession, much of it repulsed with it's idiocy and unpolished inelegance. Philo can craft some seductive wares when she tries... it's just when she tries too hard she stumbles clumsily down the aisle of discord. This Fashion Musical today, was filled with many of those wrong notes!

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