Saturday, July 18, 2015

Moncler Gamme Rouge.

Weds. 10/01/2014.

Moncler Gamme Rouge.

Two Outfits into the Spring 2015 Moncler Gamme Rouge show and anyone who may NOT have known the collection is designed by Giambattista Valli... Well they Knew then. The hallmark was Inescapable! Not to say that the impression of the Valli style had not been fully incorporated into the Moncler Identity before... Just today it seemed more Tangible than ever.

The Spring 2015 collection was Flat Out, AMAZING! The Valli signature was to be found everywhere, from Moncler's Iconic Outerwear the the Filmy, Flippy, Gay pieces designed to be their accompaniment. Legs were the focus with not one Long piece in the entire show. Valli was working a Nautical motif with Marine Stripes and Anchor Chain prints as well as Generous use of Navy and White and Black.

Colour had it's moment in the sun. In Vibrant Scarlet Red lace for the Solid pieces and a Wallpaper Floral with White Ground was more of a Puce or Blood Red Shade. These heightened the Valli impression in the clothes and the work was some of his best that he has done! Take the Guipure lace Shift dress in White worked with two bands of Ivory Mink at the Shoulder and Bodice, it would be as easy to fit that into a Valli Haute Couture collection as anything he's designed in that Milleu! Or that Rounded Hip Floral coat... The T-shirt dress in Nude with the Holographic Beads in the form of Chains... all these were Cream of the Crop Pieces! Demi-Couture in the best possible form!

As an ending note, Valli sent out his signature Tableaux finale, this time it was Coats that looked like they were made from flags from around the world and worked into Short Boating Coats that you'd see during a Yachting race. It brought the whole Nautical theme to a Nice Conclusion. In the end, Valli Delivered a Stupendous collection for Function and Fashion! Both Masters were Well Served.

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