Friday, July 24, 2015

Josie Natori.

Weds. 02/11/2015.

Fall 2015 saw Josie Natori going to Istanbul for inspiration, Natori came away from this inspirational place perhaps too seduced by the Surfeit of Visual Stimuli, for her collection felt a Bit cluttered and Excessive in places. Simpler pieces showed Natori for the Sensualist she is and were by far more attractive than when she slung Fringe and Mile-High Fezzes, Gold Jewelry, Fur, Trapunto stitching and Elaborte clothing detail. Natori said that this collection was going to be an "Extravaganza of Textures, Layering and Embellishment for Daywear" and she wasn't Fooling!

There was a Lovely sense of Decadent Richness that had it's appeal, the clothes just would have been better served had the piling on been just a hair more judicious! When she got the mix right... Fireworks! A pair of Simple All-Black ensembles at Exits No. 21 and 22 were Right on the Money. As were a Pair of Column Gowns, One in White with Black Filigree and the other a Strapless Black Matelasse Cutwork Lace and Feather gown, Both equally Stunning. 

Admittedly, Much of the collection was RAVISHING! I use Capital letters because the show was dizzyingly Luxuriant, If sometimes the Abundance was carried a little too far, Well, Natori can be ultimately forgiven... Sometimes the Road of Excess traps us all in it's Gilded Cage! 

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