Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jean Paul Gaultier.

Weds. 01/28/2015.

"61 Facons de se Dire Oui" a rather interesting title for a Couture collection when one considers it translates to "61 Ways to say Yes" It was Jean-Paul Gaultier's Esoteric (Gaultier... Esoteric???? NEVER!) but Charming inspiration for his Spring 2015 Haute Couture collection. Puzzling until the show began with Anna Cleveland as the Bride of the show... Wait... Opening with the Bride? Unconventional, but this is Gaultier so, Strap In! 

Gaultier's theme was Weddings... so every outfit that strolled down his runway had, however vague, a reference to Weddings. From the Groom, to the Mother of the Bride, to Matron on Honor, to a Good dozen Wedding Gowns themselves! As Wacky as it sounds, it was responsible for some of Gaultier's Best work in Years. Maybe the cessation of his Pret-a-Porter line (Very Sad) gave him the time to focus on his skills, which are MAMMOTH! Remember, this is the man that the insiders of Fashion were saying was the One True, Messianic Saviour of Haute Couture back in the Late 90's, Some even saying he was the only TRUE Inheritor of Yves Saint Laurent's Crown of Le Roi De La Couture (we all know now that Handily belongs to no one else other than Uncle Karl! Testify!) and he was proving it with the Chicest Couture shows in Paris and attracting Admiration Up and Down Le Boulevard! 

But Gaultier's mind is a Mercurial, Capricious thing... It volleys back and forth from Provocateur to Classicist. This collection was a good example of those halves working in Tandem. From the classical side we got a Baseball inspired Pinstripe Double-Breasted Blazer worn with Wide Ivory Raw Silk pants or a Super Chic Parisienne Femme in a Navy Blue "Sweater/Pencil Skirt" Combo That was much more than it's simple looks conveyed and let's not forget the Showstopping Grass Green Strapless gown that was as simple looking as ever, but cut to Sculpted Perfection!

On the Provocative side we had a "Bridegown" done up like Faded Denim Overalls with a Bee Box on the head of Lindsay Wixson... Or a Off-Shoulder Black Leather dress with a Puff of Tulle Spraying out of only one side of the Dress! Or how about the Supremely Perfectly cut "Le Smoking" in Black that was a Bodysuit tucked into a pair of Filmy white trousers??? C'est Crazy, Non?

As for the Bridegowns... Gaultier spun too many variations to count, a couple that did stand out were a Pale Blue Strapless Satin corset version with a Voluminous Pale Blue Tulle skirt attached to a Pair of Light Washed, DENIM Shorts underneath... or the Off-Shoulder one on Pauline Hoarau in Off-White with the Widely Flared Attenuated Skirt that looked slightly like an Umbrella, but in a Fantastic way!

After all this Le Mariee business afoot, One could barely conceive of how Gaultier would pull this Diverse Collection together for a close, seeing that he is one of the ONLY Couturiers still doing a Bride at the end of his show... How to top all these other brides... well, A Walking Bouquet should do the trick nicely! And that is what you got! Naomi Goddamn Campbell, Every Heartstopping Slender Inch of her! Wrapped in Plastic and Flowers and Little much else... As if saying... This Bouquet doesn't get tossed away... this Bouquet gets up and Struts out the Church on it's own! Saying to the ladies gathered round waiting to catch her... OH HELL NO, Bitches! Get Yo Life! I'm Gonna Get Mine! And what could be a more Appropriate Kissing of the Ass to the idea of Marriage. And when it's Naomi Campbell's Most SPECTACULAR Cheeks that are to be kissed, Who among us would say No to that!? 

That's All.


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