Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Armani Prive.

Tues. 01/27/2014.

Point One. Giorgio Armani is NOT Karl Lagerfeld! So, Producing a collection of 68 Pieces without Lagerfeld's Legendary Skills only serves to Tediously Bore an audience. And when the clothes are so Perversely the same as what has come before and sure to come after, that tedium settles in more quickly than usual. 

Point Two. Does it matter any longer that Giorgio Armani's clothes are practically Interchangeable from one season to the next? Is it that Armani is trading on Past Glories and seems stuck in a endless loop of repetition that Steals any sense of Freshness and Spontaneity from his clothes? Does it matter when there are LEGIONS of customers out there who Clamour for Armani's Single-Minded ideas on clothes? I am not capable of answering that question, Yet, I am Capable of saying Giorgio's Spring 2015 Armani Prive collection only highlighted the fact that Armani is Inflexible to a almost Stubborn degree! He does what he likes and what is in his Realm of certainty and Barely moves outside of that Realm. It has left his clothes incapable of being Beautiful even for the sake of Beauty alone because they are so Dumbfoundingly Redundant! 

Spring 2015 saw Armani inspired by Bamboo... YAWN! Spending precious words to describe anything but a bare few pieces would be a dulling and trivial exercise! Bamboo found it's way into Prints, Embroidery, Colouration, The Runway itself. One could tell from that fact alone that the clothes would be a Snore-Fest. Armani also has never met an Off-Kilter, Odd proportion he did not embrace with Giddy Joy! This collection was dominated by these proportions that aged even the Youngest models on the runway into Bizarrely Matronly Doyennes instead of Young, Graceful Gazelles! 

Aside from a Robin's Egg Blue Obi-belted Pantsuit and a Eucalyptus Green Jacket that was also Belted... Not much else registered as exciting, A couple of Black Lace Columns, and an Electric Blue Strapless sheath gown on Sasha Luss had Potential, but that's not saying much! You have to wonder, Can Armani Learn new tricks? Does he want to? If he keeps designing like this, he'll just be The Man that got lost in his own House and cannot seem to find the door to the outside, Wandering the same halls and rooms forever!

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