Friday, July 10, 2015


Sun. 09/28/2015.


A whole lot of Leather and Lacing, Beads, Whipstitching, Grommets and Stripes PLUS Sheer Lace, Thigh High Boots, Skimpy Hems, and TONS of Black and White didn't add up to much of anything other than another one of Riccardo Tisci's Experiments in Excess and Lack of an Interesting Idea. The fashion crowd went Apeshit over the Trite components of this collection (No Doubt bolstered by the fact that the Wet Dream Team of Kimye was in the audience Moistening the Collecetive knickers of the Celeb obsessed fashion Press!) Tisci threw a lot of nothing into the air and it came down looking... In the most Abrupt wording, Cheap!

As Dolly Parton Says, "It takes a Whole Lotta Money, to look this Cheap" and that Encapsulated the Givenchy Spring 2015 Cavalcade of nothingness. There wasn't one bit of Elegance permeating from these oft times Sluttish frocks and Skin-tight Pieces. The Overload of Obvious, Expensive Excess only served to make the pieces look the Diametric Opposite of their Luxe components. The girls looked like Incredibly expensive Street Walkers, But a Street Walker is still that, no matter how expensive her Get-up is or how much she charges for the Hand Job!

The visual surfeit was dizzying and vertiginous, One could almost feel as if they were Jimmy Stewart in his Quest to find out the truth about Kim Novak! Some pieces like the Laced front Catsuits on Julia Bergshoeff and Joan Smalls put the Slink in Kink and made it Delicious in a Julie Newmar/Eartha Kitt/Michell Pfeiffer Kind of way. Other than those pieces... Nothing felt as if it were trying to be more than Stage clothes for some Female version of Steven Tyler.

Tisci missed his Mark here with Diabolical Inaccuracy! It was an Utter Disappointment from Start to Finish, and even though it's sure to be Lapped up like fine Sevruga. that doesn't mean it was palatable. In fact, It was definitely a dish worth being spit into one's Napkin... Or fed to the Dog under the Table.

That's All.


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