Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Creatures Of The Wind.

Thurs. 02/12/2014.

Quietly, And with Great Diversity, Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters have Transformed their Creatures Of The Wind line into something Magnificently special. The Duo started off Quirky with a Capital "Quirk" and their collections veered wildly from Interesting to Off-Putting, Even after coming in second place for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award a few years ago, that still wasn't enough to snap their vision into a Laser Focus!

Then, come  Fall 2014 Everything clicked into place and  Gabier and Peters delivered a Powerhouse of a collection, and the Ball has just kept rolling along, gathering Velocity and soon, continuing it's current pace, should be pretty unstoppable! Fall 2015 is another Dynamic vision from the duo and continues to showcase Gabier and Peters in the best possible light. The designers remarked that they were influenced by the 60's and 70's but also the 20's... one can see the through-line with the 70's/20's equation but the 60's? Doesn't sound feasible, but these guys made it work!

The 60's was most evident in the Mod-ish shifts and Sharp contrasts of Black and White, while the 70's-20's inflection came via the Bohemian elements and fluid, louche approach favored by the touchstones of the 70's like Halston and YSL. An interesting aside, a couple outfits had a bit of Slimane's Re-appropriation of vintage YSL-isms to them and made the connection all the more clearer! A Slinky pair of outfits in Peach Pink and Silver Lame Screamed New York nightlife in the 70's while a Black Portrait neck Topcoat was channeling more McGraw than Jagger!

Even with these decades past inspirations floating about, Quirk is as Quirk does and a Signature Intermezzo of Quirk came by way of a Trio of toppers paired with Mink "Sashes" with Colored Stars draped about them. It was a un-showy, yet powerfully playful and offbeat moment that made the whole show worthwhile. Worth mentioning also, a Right On The Money White side buttoned Band-Neck Jacket with Black Trousers could go as a contender for Best Outfit of the season!

Gabier and Peters are Poised on the precipice of Greatness, Continuing in the way they are with such Fresh, Innovative and Exceptionally Lovely clothes that they have been creating as of late, That Greatness is looking less like it's looming in the distance and more just out past their fingertips waiting for them to Stretch that LAST Little bit to Grasp it!

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