Monday, July 13, 2015

Sonia Rykiel.

Mon. 09/29/2014.

Sonia Rykiel.

As far as Debuts go... Julie de Libran's first outing Chez Sonia Rykiel was pretty much Flawless! de Libran put on an Marvellously Adroit show filled with Quickly Desirable pieces and inflected with a Youthful, Insouciante Vigour! Rykiel hasn't looked this contemporary in ages. No small part due to the fact that the house has installed a Frenchwoman as it's Designer at this Quintessentially French House. de Libran made it look easy, Filled with at one moment, Sweet, Coquettish attitude, the next moment, the Daring, Risque Sexual Liberty known to the French Woman!

One Minute we were privy to a Pinstripe Banker Blue Shorts suit (DIVINE) the next Filmy Nipple revealing sheer Stripes (A Rykiel Favorite!) There were Jumpsuits, Ruffles, Fringe, FUR... But never to Superfluous effect, everything was an integral part of the Wild Mix and Orgiastic Freedom of expression that is so key to getting the Rykiel Look and Affect down pat! Here. de Libran's mix was Masterful!

Julie de Libran ran the Gamut in her collection for Sonia Rykiel from Military Khaki and Styling, to Saucy sheer dresses and Flouncy tiered ruffles. From Grommeted Leather (Sublime!) to Sequined Stripes... It was all so Deliciously Irreverent, Yet Terminally Chic! Chic in that French Way that the women of the rest of the world try to Emulate, But simply... Cannot. It's in the DNA of Le Femme Francaise, Only they have that Magic Formula for Sexy and Nonchalant that makes the way they wear fashion so Entrancing. Julie de Libran has with this collection, given women some of the building blocks to, Perhaps, catch that vibe and Get close to the look... But only, Just Close!

Unless, Of Course... You're a Frenchwoman! And Julie De Libran is Just That! Oui, Non?

That's All.


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