Thursday, July 23, 2015

Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture.

Weds. 01/28/2015.

"I  put my Heart and Soul into my work, and I have lost my Mind in the Process" 

Vincent Van Gogh.

When something of Staggering, Monumental feeling is created, Sometimes the Mind does get lost in the Process. For Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, their Spring 2015 Haute Couture was like a Glorious Hallucination made Corporeal. This is why you Love Viktor & Rolf. This is what makes you stare in Jaw Agape wonder at the Creations they envision that no other designers could even fathom having Nightmares about, let alone create in the real world! 

To just get it out of the way, There's no sense in Reviewing this on a Piece by Piece basis. this was a Stream of Consciousness presentation that had no sense of Arc or Progression... it simply amplified on itself, becoming an idea that transformed within the construct of one idea. It evolved only in the sense that it Mutated it's Shape and Form and Colour. As for the Idea moving outside of the Static space it occupied... No Deal! 

There was Genuine Daring in that and Risk. If the Calibrations were off and each Externalization of the Idea was not Exactingly Contrived... it would have dissolved. There. in this show, was no place for Difference, except in the Most Narrow of Purview! Yet while each new permutation was more splendid than the one before, It was almost like looking at a Time-Lapse of a Rosebud... From Petite Beauty to Full Blown, Fulsome, Sensual Rapture! So the collection as said didn't "Evolve" it "Expanded" 

The Oversized Crinoline silhouette of each piece was the Starting point. then the print, a Wax-Dyed and Block Printed Cotton that was as Lustrous and Luxurious as it could be, was printed so elementally and childishly almost as to appear Unrefined... but as the collection expounded on each new bit of Input, the Plain Print began to come alive, with Glorious Splotches of Colour and the Floral form of the design began to be Highlighted here and there with Whimsical, Delightful colour. First a Citrus-y Yellow, then a Soft Lavender, Then bold splashes of Bordeaux and Coral...

Then as if by Transmutation the print began to Float off the fabric and become a Contextual form in Three-Dimensional Space! Then the coloured flowers began to emerge from the Fabric, like Living Flora in a Garden expanding towards the heat of the sun. As if the print now, were a living creature! The Colours Intensified, Carmine, Maize, Grape, Lime, Cornflower, Cerulean, Violet, Lapis... On And On it began to Overflow with Exquisite Passion! The Floating Print cross-pollinated with the 3-D Flowers and reached Heavenward and Outward, Breaking the Constraints of the Garments and Projecting themselves wider and higher than the already Immense crinolines would allow... They Craved a freedom that the Earthboundness of the dresses would not give credence to! 

Their accomplices in the Titanic Straw hats tried to give them Liberation, But again, they could only soar so high, so far, limitations could not be exceeded and the Beauty of the struggle, the Exasperating Hope of the Dream of leaving the Terrestrial and striving for the Celestial... It made their Struggle Noble... Don't we ALL long for that Breaking of the Earthly bonds and the hope that we can push Hard enough, Strong enough, WILLFULLY Enough... To Fly? The Dream of these Flowers and their dresses was not simply Exquisite. It was... Miraculous! Thank You, Viktor. Thank You, Rolf. You Made the Impossible Dream, seem slightly more possible. 

That's All.


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