Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kate Spade New York.

Fri. 02/13/2015.

Whimsy is a part of the Kate Spade New York aesthetic. Deborah Lloyd has been keen at integrating Whimsy and Gaiety and Lightheartedness into the Kate Spade Label with Stunning Facility. For Fall 2015 though, she decided to cut back just a touch on the more Overt qualities of her signature Capriciousness and take a Slightly more Serious tack. It sort of worked and it sort of Not worked! 

Lloyd is a Master at mixing up Sportswear in ever inventive permutations and creating a new whole out of Funnily Disparate parts, Today, the clothes looked a little bored with themselves. The Spontaneous nature of previous collections seemed to be missing here in Favor of something more Grounded, even with Roald Dahl, The King of Fanciful Whimsy, as inspiration, it felt Half-Hearted and a Trifle Dull and a whole lot Basic.

A Fur Jacket with a Navy Ensemble underneath was Chic in a Sporty Luxe way and a Hot Pink Double-Breasted Car coat was By far the most Fetching thing in the lineup. The fact that the clothes were all Well Executed and easy to wear wasn't a Bad thing, But the Life felt drained from the collection and Lloyd seemed to be going on a Autopilot. Lloyd needs to Get her head back in the Game and if she wants to Tone down the Quirk, It's better to err on the side of Excess and Pull back instead of trying to Imbue dull pieces with Verve.

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