Monday, July 13, 2015

Elie Saab.

Mon. 09/29/2014.

What more can anyone say about an Elie Saab collection that any review of any of his collection in any season hasn't already said? Yes, Of course, the clothes are Devastatingly Beautiful. Yes, Of Course, they are Exquisite. Yes, Of Course, the beading and embroidery are Magical.... Yes, Yes, Yes.... and So On and Et Cetera... 

Nothing new was to be found for Spring 2015 at Elie Saab. There were some Delightfully Pretty Koi Pond and Water Prints... some Athleisure inspired Black/White Striping... and Typically, no Day Wear, so again it was a Pretty, Dulling Parade of Confectionary Evening attire. And it was Deathly Boring. 

We've Seen it so many times in Hundreds of configurations with not one Iota of change in the Formula that even when there is something Gloriously Beautiful, it ceases to have any Impact for we've travelled this path so often that we are tracking over our own footprints. Saab needs to get out and see the way the world works... there isn't always a Party going on. Even for one with a Full On-Staff Glam Squad and one that has more Money than Brains... There IS a need for Real Clothes for the Real World. 

The Sooner Saab realizes that, the better his clothes will be... Promise!

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