Monday, July 20, 2015

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/26/2015.

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.

Giambattista Valli is a Full on Maximalist and Eccentric! As is his Customer. If you are a Shrinking Violet or someone who lives cloaked in Dark, Drab, Sullen, Melancholy layers... Valli is not the Man for You! You have to be a woman who Embraces all things Embellished, Floral, Lacy, VOLUMINOUS, and Effervescent to wear Valli's Outlandish creations! It's Not only refreshing to see someone with such a Lacroix-like Extroversion and Deliriously Ostentatious sense of the Theatrical, It's Downright Heartening!

Valli's Spring 2015 Haute Couture Started off just a Hair rocky... Those Dresses and Skirts over pants looked Clunky and Maladroit. Valli may have wanted them to come across as Offbeat, in reality, it was more like Discombobulated. The pieces never meshed together and looked utterly like the Lady wearing them just pulled on what ever was on the floor of the closet and decided to make a Go of it! Valli's core customer will rock it, but as for anyone else... well there was so much else in the collection that was lovely, this aberration will be quickly forgotten!

The more lovely stuff was Exceptionally lovely indeed! The Softly Flared tunics over slim pants were far more successful than the early dresses and had that Hint of the 60's to them that made them even sleeker and sharper, even if still Wildly Romantic. The coolest aspect of this collection turned out to be that while we all love Valli at his most Ardently Overwrought self. The simplest pieces here said the most! A Virgin White sleeveless gown with Ruffle accents had a Purity to it that was Chaste, But Sexy, while the combination of a Dirty Pink Crepe gown surmounted by a Wooly Mammoth of a Mongolian Lamb hair coat in the same shade spoke of the Elegance and Refinement of Line that was the Stock and Trade of Madame Gres and Madeline Vionnet!

Though the Showstoppers were a Pair of Floral Brocade Spectacles! One Ballgown in Peony Pink and a Jacket and Skirt in Apple Yellow and Green Ruled the Roost! From here Valli ended with his Flotillas of Tulle and they were as Impressive as ever, Showing his handle on this type of Excess is Firm and Steely. This outing for Valli was not Flawless, but all the Joy and Sheer Felicity of his indulgences are like a Balm to the Overtly Serious and Dulling Dramatics of other houses... Here it's all about just Having a Great, Grand Time and Being Pretty! In the world we live in... Who in the Hell doesn't want Just Exactly That once in a While?

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