Friday, July 31, 2015

Cushnie Et Ochs.

Fri. 02/13/2015.

In one of the Best shows of their Career, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs put on an Extravaganza of Celebrating the Body. But it almost went Tragically Awry. Cushnie and Ochs' clothes are for the most Slender, Lean, Toned. Lithe, THIN, Women Possible. They are SO Punishing and Exacting in their fit, That unlike a Leger dress or gown which will SUCK IN a Wayward Figure, C&O's Clothes will only serve to Enhance all the Flaws of the Imperfect. That's their Niche, they are SUPERB at it! And there are Scads of women who work themselves Silly to have those bodies or are just Graced and Blessed by Nature to have them with no Effort needed! 

So, WHY, On this Planet or any other in the Galaxy that Supports Carbon Based Life... Would they Choose to Open with Crystal Renn? Beautiful Woman. Check, Beautiful MODEL. Check. Slender. 

Uh..... (*Cue Sound of Tires Screeching to a Halt!*) NO!

The GORGEOUS Pink dress they Criscoed her into to open was Tragically Misguided. She looked like a Pink Zeppelin. It did a Major Disservice to their Oeuvre even trying to pretend that their work is for the Masses! It is Definitively, NOT! And as Glorious as Ms. Renn is, and Yes, She is Breathtaking, She looked Ridiculous trying to pull off this dress! In the Spirit of Honesty, Even some of the THIN Models whose bodies were not as SICKENINGLY Perfect as say those of  Devon Windsor or Chiharu Okunugi or Pauline Hoarau and MOST DEFINITELY Pin Thin Goddesses Leila Nda and Riley Montana, whom are both just Exasperatingly Perfect, looked... Shall we say... a bit Fleshy! But let's put that aside and get to the clothes! 

This was By Far the BEST collection that the Duo of Cushnie and Ochs have produced, It Dripped with Sensuality and Sophistication and Control! This Woman is a Ball-Buster and a Sex Kitten who doesn't HAVE to use Sex for anything, But exudes it nonetheless! Lascivious would be a Good word for it! But the thing that stood out most was how much Elegance was being imbued this day... The Chic Quotient was Off the Charts. C&O clothes can sometimes be about the Power of the Body and how that can create Strength. here there was a Quelling of the Overt that rendered the clothes Slick and Sleek, But Restrained! Even when the body was being shown inventively, a C&O Signature, It never devolved into Tawdry (which in Cushine and Ochs hands has always been Scintillating) it was more a Tease this season.

This season was also filled with some Knockout Sportswear. A Delectable Black Fur coat on Pauline Hoarau was inspiring Lustful feelings, while a Deep, Dark, Emerald Green Velvet "Le Smoking" Pantsuit had all the Possibility of being worn as Fiercely to the Office as it would be the Met Opera! A Fluide White sleeveless top with Inset Mesh and Wide White Pants was Refined and Sexy Equally, but the best of the lot was The Pink Topcoat and Pants at Exit No. 3 that Set the Jaw agape! It was Heinously Wonderful! 

These were but a Smattering of the Beauties paraded down Carly and Michelle's Runway, It was Above and Beyond their Best effort and gives their woman some new options to invest in and incorporate into her Fashion Vocabulary. It was a Winner from Beginning.... well, Almost Beginning To End! 

That's All.


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